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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Snow Day

photo-89Woke up to a huge dump of snow. I got ready for work as usual and made sure to leave 15 minutes early just in case the roads were shit.

Well, shit is an understatement. I nearly got stuck exiting on to the main highway because the snow had blown so high, and then I was going 60km the whole way being passed by semi's, with largely reduced visibility from the snow and wind.

Worst road conditions I have ever driven on. By far. I decided to throw it in and turn around and go home. I pulled off to exit to Lacombe and there were FIVE people stuck trying to exit. Not in the ditch. Just trying to exit.

I turned around in Lacombe and took the 2A back to Blackfalds which was slightly less terrifying because there were no semi's, but it was still really bad.

Today will be spent watching Breaking Bad, getting mad at my Netflix because it cuts out and disconnects me every 5 minutes (anyone know a way to stop that? It has only started happening in the last 3 days), and shovelling the foot or more of snow in my driveway.

Some things I wish on days like this:

  1. That I didn't feel so darn guilty calling in to work. It is the worst. I am the person who will work through pretty much anything and I feel awful when I am a flake.

  2. That semi's couldn't pass in Alberta, or Canada for that matter. They aren't allowed to pass in Europe. Get with the times Canada, Get with the times.

  3. That semi drivers spoke english better. When I was exiting off Highway 2 to Lacombe a Semi was parked in front of me with his lights flashing. He got out and ran towards my car and started saying something that I couldn't understand. I assume he was saying not to exit here because people were stuck. But I can't be sure. I finally said "You really need to work on your English." He smiled, thanked me, and headed back to his truck. Idiot.

  4. That Alberta did a better job at managing the first big snow fall. It seems every year we get a huge amount of snow over a weekend and everything just goes to hell. No one knows how to drive, no one is plowing the roads. It is a free for all out there.

  5. That I had automatic Start. Love my new vehicle (Mitsubishi RVR; 4WD!!) but definitely miss the auto start feature from Little Green.

Stay warm!