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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2 New Goals

I have two new crazy goals I want to share with you all!

Being that this blog is healthy-focused, I figure that every post I write should be done while I am walking on my treadmill. I have a walking desk set up, and I always seem to forget about it, so I am now making the public statement that from here on out, all posts will be written only when I am walking! Hopefully that doesn't mean I fall off the face of the blog world haha :)

I want to run 100 1/2 marathons. Why 100 you ask?! Great question. I don't actually even know myself, but it would be a pretty cool statement to make.. "Oh you know.. I've run a hundred half marathons." BAD ASS. So far I have run 4... and it will be 5 on November 17th. I considered making the full marathon count as 2 haha, but I decided against it. Long ways to go, but thas ohkay ;)

Speaking of the half marathon I am going to participate in on the 17th. Yeah, I haven't trained for it. Like AT ALL. HAH! Oops. Mucho Fail-O on my part. Should be interesting, but I don't expect to beat any records, I might even set a record as slowest time to date!

Just a quick update: Jillian Michael's Body Revolution is going good! I plan to do updates when I am done each 2 week segment and post pictures at the end of each 30(ish) days. My program is a bit modified as I am using my soccer days as Cardio and taking a few days off around the half marathon, so it will extend it a bit to probably a 94 or 95 day program. I am really committed to going all the way with this one :)