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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Group Fitness

If someone told me at the start of this whole journey that I would end up in love with Group Fitness, I probably would have laughed at them. I mean, really? Me? The introvert?

I remember my first group fitness class. The instructor of the class was so awesome. Her name is Vicki and she still teaches at my old gym (and I still love her classes). She was really energetic, focused on good form, and challenged me. I was still overweight when I took this class and I remember it was the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in 2010 (Just 1 short month later I would become a Vegetarian and the rest is history). The class was called One Minute Workout, where you do an exercise for One Minute and then switch to another Exercise. I know it probably sounds insanely easy, but it most definitely was not, and to this day, it remains one of my most favorite and most challenging classes.

So began the Love Affair with Group Fitness. I met my first Exercise Friend through a Group Fitness Class, and Group Fitness really sparked my passion to get fitter, stronger, and it made me oodles happier. I ended up leaving the Gym that I loved because they went through some structuring changes with instructors that I didn't like, and because I fell in love with Crossfit.

Since the whole Gym-Switch I must admit that I miss some of the Group Fitness Classes that I used to take. The ones with the intervals and tabatas and of course, spin.

With the Abbey Center opening in Blackfalds in the spring, I started researching what fitness opportunities would be involved with the Center, and learned that they would have Group Fitness Classes as well as Spin Classes.

So I did a bit more Research and signed up for a Group Exercise Theory course in November through the AFLCA. My goal is to complete my Group Exercise Certification in the Spin and Portable Equipment Designations, and then perhaps get a part time job at the Abbey Center teaching some fitness classes! How cool would that be?!