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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Will Run For Chocolate and WIAW {Race Recap}

Sunday, September 1st was a great day for a run.

And that run was great because it was focused on Chocolate.

I LOVE Chocolate.

Obvi ;)

breakBreakfast was at 0700hr and in true race day fashion was Eggo's topped with PB Greek Yogurt and Banana. Coffee sucked back before eating to jump start the day.

Reagan and I got to the event around 8:30, which was perfect. We picked up our race pack, our pre-race treat (A 1/2 Banana covered in Chocolate; DELISH) and chatted with my friend from work Anette (who I ran the Santa Shuffle with in December!) and got ready to run. I also ran in to an adorably pregnant Lindsey and an equally adorably-not-pregnant-but-with-a-cute-son Becky.

We started at 9am and the Race wasn't timed, but I think my time was around 33 minutes, which isn't bad considering I haven't "run" in a long time. Reagan finished around the 38 minute mark.

reagAfter that I ate my three chocolates as part of the Post-Race Chocolate Treat we got when we finished the race. One was their Salted Caramel (one of my favorites), another had a Marzipan filling and the last chocolate had an Almond and Caramel inside. We also got Chocolate Covered Pretzels! This race rocked! Then we got Starbucks Coffee. I had a Grande Soy Coffee Misto with 1 Pump Pumpkin Spice, just as good as I remembered it to be. I <3 Pumpkin.

psFollowing the Race, I dropped Reagan off and headed home to hang out with the dogs before work. I did some house work and made my supper for the day.

Supper was steamed garden carrots and left over Stuffed Peppers from Saturday night. The peppers were stuffed with steamed shrimp, quinoa, and cucumber mixed with Laughing Cow cheese.

I also took an Apple and a Quest Bar as a snack.


Lunch was easy-peasy, 2 eggs cooked over easy and eating between Annie's Rice Cakes.

I finished off the day with another coffee and a bar of Chocolate. I can never have too much chocolate :)


lunchAll in all, it was an excellent Sunday and I hope that Red Deer continues having smaller 5km run/walks like today. It is a great way to feel connected to your community and it gets people of all ages and all fitness levels out.