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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So Much Love. [2]

It rained all through the ceremony.

And pretty much right when the receiving line was done and we were to start the photos, the rain stopped.

We headed outside and then spent the next 2 hours getting photographed. I can't wait to see them and share them with you! I hope they turn out nice.

Then it was time to go to Moxies.


Check out that truck.

Matthias' parents forgot the cupcakes so we swung by the house to pick them up. Then we got to Moxies and ate supper. It was pretty delicious and fun to spend time with all our family and friends under the same roof.

We played the shoe game. Has anyone seen this? It was a hit. Matthias "won" ;) (According to him)



We ate my delicious cupcakes and everyone kept asking who I bought them from! They were pleasantly surprised to find out I made them.

My dad read a speech from my Grandpa all the way in Toronto. More tears were shed.

People started calling it a night at 10pm which was perfect for us.

We went to pay our bill (we budgeted to pay for the whole supper) only to find out people helped to pay. This was just the nicest thing people could do for us. We weren't expecting it at all. We felt so loved.

We got home just after midnight. It was such a perfect night. We shared a small slice of our Stout Cake from Cuppity Cakes Bake Shop and then headed in to our room to get some shut eye.


Hahaha we were not expecting to walk in to our room and have the bed covered in balloons! That was a fun surprise. The dogs thought otherwise, Hank was scared of them!


In the morning we woke up, cleaned the house, hung out with Matthias' family, and opened our gifts. I cried another handful of times while reading cards.

Stephanie came over for coffee before heading back to GP and it was so awesome to spend some more time with her before she left. I am lucky to have her and Dallas, friendships that endure time and distance.

We went to the Bay a little bit later and bought a King size sheet set and a Fondue pot. Planning for the future ;)

The rest of the day was spent on more chores and relaxing. It was the perfect way to spend Sunday.


I can't even express in words how happy, lucky, grateful, thankful, blessed, and content I feel. Matthias and I made the best of our day despite the curve balls thrown at us. It makes for a pretty funny story. It is unique and filled with love.

Thank you so much to everyone who made my day perfect. <3