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Monday, July 8, 2013

So Much Love. [1]

Words can't even describe the love that I felt this past weekend. My heart is so full.

I will share a bit of what happened over the past few days. Hopefully I can do the days justice. They seem like a blur now.


The morning started out with my nails, I love getting my nails done, but don't have enough money to get them done all the time, so I try to do them myself, but really nothing compares. :)

My friends Stephanie and Dallas arrived from Grande Prairie at about 1:30pm so it was nice to catch up with them before heading out to pick up my dress and the chairs/decorations from Parkland Party Rental.

After all was picked up we went out to Ellis Bird Farm for an unofficial rehearsal for a quick run through of how the day was going to go.

Then we had a potluck with all of the bridesmaids/groomsmen/family. It was lots of fun! We served veggie dogs, turkey burgers, taco salad, green salad, baked potatoes, a veggie tray, and cheesecake for dessert.

Then the girls went and set up Moxies to the best of our ability. We had simple decorations. I made paper flowers, we had burlap runners, and I purchased little bird cages and orange and blue bottles for center pieces. Simple and cheap was the theme of the night ;)

Then the gals headed to Kate's house where we relaxed in the hot tub before hitting the sack. Nothing wild on our end. It ended up being a bit more crazy for the boys - poker and jaeger.


First up was HAIR! And STARBUCKS! I knew the forecast wasn't in our favor. They were calling for showers, but I thought MAYBE it would be on my side and we could make it through with as little rain as possible.

After we got our hair done we went to Kate's house to relax and finish getting ready. We played a game where the bridesmsaids answer questions about the Bride and Groom and we had some good laughs. Time went by really quickly and before I knew it, it was time to put on the dress.

It fit perfect and I am so glad I brought it in last minute to get the hips let out a bit more. These hips don't lie ;) Haha

Then it was time to go!


I could feel my anxiety rising, I wasn't necessarily nervous, just overwhelmed with emotions. I put some tissues in my bust as I knew I was going to cry.


And the rain started.

We got to the bird farm and it was still raining.

Last minute, we decided to move the wedding in to the visitors center. None of our decorations got moved. None of the chairs were moved inside because they had benches.

The music started and the girls started to walk out and the tears started.

I felt so lucky. Lucky to have my dad with me to walk me down the aisle, lucky to be walking towards my soul mate to marry him, lucky to have co-workers and friends and family in attendance, lucky to have my very best friends standing with me.


I cried the whole way down the aisle and through most of the ceremony. When I wasn't crying my lips were quivering to hold back the tears. I was so happy.


I honestly don't even remember the ceremony because I was just trying to tell myself to hold it together. Matthias was breathing so deeply to keep from crying. We were certainly a pair!


After the ceremony we signed the documents making it legal! Then we thanked everyone for coming in a receiving line.


1So. The vegetarians got married surrounded by stuffed birds and ant farms with no decorations. It was unorthodox. The room was ugly. It was perfect.

Then the rain stopped.

To Be Continued....