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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Good Laugh at My Expense

Guys. I did it.

I meal planned!

mealplanIt isn't the greatest by any means, but it is a HUGE win for me considering it has been probably about a year since I meal planned.

Sunday; My dad is coming over to help me put together the new elliptical I just bought. I am cooking Chicken Kabobs for him and a Veggie burger (no bun), roasted asparagus, and sweet potato for me

Monday; Finally going to roast up the spaghetti squash that has been in my fridge for I dunno, a Month? Also going to pan fry some Tofu and Steam some Broccoli

Tuesday; Left Overs but instead of Broccoli I am going to have Green Beans

Wednesday; Sauteed Cabbage (a favorite that I always forget about!) and the other Veggie Burger in my Fridge

Thursday; Left Over Cabbage and Roasted Vegetables

Friday; Fancy Mac & Cheese (Yum)

Saturday; Best friend Kate and I are going to a wedding in Edmonton. She is always my alternative date when Matthias is away working ;)

Okay, funny story for you all.

I went to a friends wedding dress yesterday and I wore a dress that I bought in palm springs at a 16$ store. What is a $16 dollar store you ask? A store where EVERYTHING is $16 or less. So this dress was supes cheap and you could tell when you looked up close. It was fraying. Everywhere. and It had a bit of a rip in the side (just the lining) after the first time I wore it. I figured I could get a few more wears out of it, and it was pretty cute, so I wore it to the wedding I attended.

Afterward, I wanted to go shopping at Target to see if I could find another dress to wear next weekend to the other wedding I have, because I accidentally ripped the bottom of the dress I was wearing. But don't worry. It just looked like a slit up the leg, it was tiny.

Well. I get to Target and I am walking around shopping and all that fun stuff. I grab my items and go in to the change room. I pull off my dress and try everything on. I go to put my dress back on and there is a GIANT (I mean huge. from my ankles to my butt) rip up the back of my dress. I instantly panicked. How the heck was I going to get out of the store without anyone seeing that!? HOW LONG HAD IT BEEN THERE?!

Well, thanks to the rip in the lining I had a safety pin that I could move so I pinned the back of my dress half-assedly together and wore my purse over my butt so you couldnt really see it. Needless to say, the dress hit the trash can the instant I got home!