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Monday, June 3, 2013

Toronto Adventures

Howdy from Toronto, Ontario!

I am here for just under a week for a nursing conference. How cool is that?

I arrived a day early so I could check out the sights (ahem, the Eaton Center and Whole Foods), and meet up for lunch with my Grandpa who I haven't seen in 2 years.

It just so happened that one of my best friends (Steph!) who lives in Grande Prairie/Kamloops was LEAVING Toronto the same day I ARRIVED! We got some lunch at the airport and it was awesome :)

I checked in to my hotel and knew I wanted to get to Whole Foods PRONTO. I didn't know what to expect as the only other Whole Foods I had been to was in Vegas, and boy oh boy, this one did not disappoint! Fully Equipped with a Hot Bar, Salad Bar, and Coffee Bar, the only thing lacking in this joint was a Juice Bar. Can't Have Everything, but you CAN have a Decaf Almond Milk Latte. MMMMmmm.

almI picked up some travel essentials: Bananas, Freshly Ground PB, Apples, Water, Chocolate, Kombucha (which I have never actually tried before...), a New-to-me Liberte Yogurt Flavor (Blackberry), and a Souvenir Water Bottle. Totally worth the 30$ (total) Cab Ride.

whol wholeNext, I had the Eaton Center on my mind. It was only a few blocks from my Hotel. Lucky me, Har Har. I went Lululemon Crazy but only walked out with one pair of Capri's. I REALLY wanted to buy another pair of TNA Leggings because my dog ate my last pair, but I just bought some Lulu ones from a Outlet store so I figured I should hold out.

cityOn my way back to the hotel I saw Chipotle (which I think is definitely a rip off when compared to Mucho Burrito) and a Panera Bread. I was supes excited to try P.Bread, but guys, I just don't get it. It wasn't that fantastic like I was expecting it to be. Letdown.


After, it was time for a Hotel Gym Workout. 5 Weeks until my wedding, and a lot can be accomplished in that time, so I am ready to give it 110%. I killed it with a Dumbbell Complex and some Kettlebell-esque swings with a Dumbbell. I left the gym nice and sweaty.


Monday is going to be a Rest Day and then Tues - Fri I signed up for a CROSSFIT GYM (!!!) which is just a FIFTEEN MINUTE WALK FROM MY HOTEL. WOO!

I got a good feeling about this week ;)