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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things I am Excited About

  1. Lindsey's Announcement

  2. My Garden Growing

  3. My Wedding in 18 Days

  4. My Hair appointment Friday

  5. A Bachelorette Night in Banff

  6. The Color Me Rad 5km

  7. Training for a PR for my next half Marathon (Training starts July 1st!)

And now, a question for you all:

I need a back up plan in case there is rain on my wedding day. Ellis Bird Farm has NO inside options, if it rains, we are SOL.

Matthias and I have agreed that we don't want to shell out the $$ for a tent.

Is there anywhere in or around Red Deer that anyone can think of that is cheap and would be available to rent last minute that would hold approx 50-60 people for a short wedding ceremony?