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Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of those days

Last night I drank a coffee at 8pm. Well little ol' me is too sensitive to late night caffeine and I was still bouncing at 2am despite a 7am alarm time. Lucky me, I woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep so I did what any person would do, an hour of yoga. Then I rushed out the door into the dreary rain to drop off my car at the dealership to get an oil change.

Kate picked me up and we went and had a delicious breakfast at Cora. Then we went to pick up my wedding dress which wasn't ready yet (it will be all steamed and ready on the 2nd, cuttin' er close), and someone had arrived right before us that needed 3 pairs of pants altered so we were late getting out of there.

I missed my spray tan appointment and had to re-book for an hour and a half later. So I thought I would go to the gym.

Then I got pulled over for changing the song on my Iphone (which was plugged in to the AUX). Apparently you can only use electronic devices in your vehicle if they are mounted. So glad I knew this so I could avoid a $175 distracted driving ticket for "holding cell phone with driving hand" (yes, that is what my ticket says).

So I go to the gym to lift my spirits a bit (and obvi it helps :) ) and then I go and [finally] get my spray tan. Now I can't shower (or bath, boo, I love having baths on my days off) until tomorrow. I got the great idea to get Starbucks and they gave me a Decaf Americano with Soy, not a Decaf Americano Soy Misto, which I ordered. Didn't find that out until I got home.

I am staying inside for the rest of the day and doing nothing but watching movies.

Tomorrow will be better :)