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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Its Almost July! [Random]

Hey there.

I bet every other blogger has said this in some form or another, but I can't believe it is almost July already. Woah. My wedding is in Nine days and my Birthday in Eleven. Fun times :)

Sorry if I am a bit quiet around here until after the big day. Just working out last minute stuff while working full time. Busy busy! I am SO excited.

This weekend was supposed to be my bachelorette party in Canmonre/Banff but with the flooding that has been cancelled. Instead we are doing a chocolate truffle making class on Friday and going to the Melting Pot in Edmonton on Saturday! 2 of my Bridesmaids are coming from Grande Prairie so it is nice because it is at least a little bit closer than Red Deer for their drive home on Sunday.

I got a new job! It is a 0.74 FTE (3/4 time) permanent days evenings line on Bryce House at the Centennial Center in Ponoka! Bryce House is an addictions unit for people with severe mental illness and addiction. So exciting, right?! I start July 22nd. I am really looking forward to maybe having a few more days off each month (14 shifts in 4 weeks as opposed to 19), but also having the freedom to continue picking up casually at the hospital and remand center. It will be a nice change. Now I just have to start budgeting a bit better (due to the $ decrease) and saving so that maybe I can buy a new vehicle (or at least some solid winter tires) before the snow hits and I am driving 35+ minutes each way on the highway. Last summer when I got into an accident my insurance went up a shit ton (like doubled. blah), and I lost my 5 start rating, so now at 0 stars I have to pay $240/month which is like a whole other car payment (I currently pay $290/month for my car). So I dunno if I will be able to afford anything but maybe I will get lucky and find a good deal :)

I feel really motivated with my eating right now so that is good :) Not motivated related to like losing weight, but motivated to cook for myself as opposed to going out, and motivated to make healthy choices.

Gym stuff is also going good. I start training for my next half marathon next week! Eeee! The thought of training for a half just makes me so happy. It is a comfortable distance now, so I am really going to try and work on speed this time around.

Weather forecast for the next 9 days looks good, if you catch my drift ;)

Chat soon!