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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gratitude Saturday (a day late)

Woops! I missed Saturday.

Okay, Funny Story before we start. So this morning at about 7 am I hear this crazy loud banging sound outside my house. It keeps going on and on and on for at least 5 seconds. Well Hank, the scaredy-dog instantly jumps into the bed because he is terrified and I instantly jump out of bed because I was disoriented. I thought it was a tornado at first, which I am EXTREMELY afraid of. I got the thought for a second that I should run to the basement but before I acted on that I realized it was pouring rain outside and that it was thunder. Oops! Needless to say I couldn't sleep after that fiasco. Neither could Hank.


Oops - I forgot to think of something on Sunday.


Matthias. Thank goodness he listens to my venting. I had a really bad day at work and he was there to listen to me cry. I am a lucky gal.


Kettlebells. I have caught the kettlebell bug and now my wrists are permanently bruised because I am trying to perfect my kettlebell snatch. One day my friends, one day.


Safety. My thoughts go out to everyone in southern AB that has been effected by the flooding. The Red Deer River is mighty high but we were lucky. I am grateful that my house and family are safe.


The opportunity to interview again in the Community. I had an interview about 2 and a half weeks ago for an assertive outreach position and although I did well in the interview I didn't get the job because I think they had someone working there already who was poised to get the job regardless of interviews. I got good feedback from the manager and he strongly encouraged me to apply again, so I did and voila! An interview next Thursday :) My luck is turning around.


My Hair Dresser. She does wonders. We did the trial for my wedding hair and I got it colored Ombre style. Totes Gorge.


New friends. Woops I got another kitty. When Matthias is away, Amie will play. Hahah she is a cute kitty, her name is Oakley. And I think she must only be 5 weeks old. She weighs 1lb 0.7oz. TINY.

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