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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Its Almost July! [Random]

Hey there.

I bet every other blogger has said this in some form or another, but I can't believe it is almost July already. Woah. My wedding is in Nine days and my Birthday in Eleven. Fun times :)

Sorry if I am a bit quiet around here until after the big day. Just working out last minute stuff while working full time. Busy busy! I am SO excited.

This weekend was supposed to be my bachelorette party in Canmonre/Banff but with the flooding that has been cancelled. Instead we are doing a chocolate truffle making class on Friday and going to the Melting Pot in Edmonton on Saturday! 2 of my Bridesmaids are coming from Grande Prairie so it is nice because it is at least a little bit closer than Red Deer for their drive home on Sunday.

I got a new job! It is a 0.74 FTE (3/4 time) permanent days evenings line on Bryce House at the Centennial Center in Ponoka! Bryce House is an addictions unit for people with severe mental illness and addiction. So exciting, right?! I start July 22nd. I am really looking forward to maybe having a few more days off each month (14 shifts in 4 weeks as opposed to 19), but also having the freedom to continue picking up casually at the hospital and remand center. It will be a nice change. Now I just have to start budgeting a bit better (due to the $ decrease) and saving so that maybe I can buy a new vehicle (or at least some solid winter tires) before the snow hits and I am driving 35+ minutes each way on the highway. Last summer when I got into an accident my insurance went up a shit ton (like doubled. blah), and I lost my 5 start rating, so now at 0 stars I have to pay $240/month which is like a whole other car payment (I currently pay $290/month for my car). So I dunno if I will be able to afford anything but maybe I will get lucky and find a good deal :)

I feel really motivated with my eating right now so that is good :) Not motivated related to like losing weight, but motivated to cook for myself as opposed to going out, and motivated to make healthy choices.

Gym stuff is also going good. I start training for my next half marathon next week! Eeee! The thought of training for a half just makes me so happy. It is a comfortable distance now, so I am really going to try and work on speed this time around.

Weather forecast for the next 9 days looks good, if you catch my drift ;)

Chat soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gratitude Saturday (a day late)

Woops! I missed Saturday.

Okay, Funny Story before we start. So this morning at about 7 am I hear this crazy loud banging sound outside my house. It keeps going on and on and on for at least 5 seconds. Well Hank, the scaredy-dog instantly jumps into the bed because he is terrified and I instantly jump out of bed because I was disoriented. I thought it was a tornado at first, which I am EXTREMELY afraid of. I got the thought for a second that I should run to the basement but before I acted on that I realized it was pouring rain outside and that it was thunder. Oops! Needless to say I couldn't sleep after that fiasco. Neither could Hank.


Oops - I forgot to think of something on Sunday.


Matthias. Thank goodness he listens to my venting. I had a really bad day at work and he was there to listen to me cry. I am a lucky gal.


Kettlebells. I have caught the kettlebell bug and now my wrists are permanently bruised because I am trying to perfect my kettlebell snatch. One day my friends, one day.


Safety. My thoughts go out to everyone in southern AB that has been effected by the flooding. The Red Deer River is mighty high but we were lucky. I am grateful that my house and family are safe.


The opportunity to interview again in the Community. I had an interview about 2 and a half weeks ago for an assertive outreach position and although I did well in the interview I didn't get the job because I think they had someone working there already who was poised to get the job regardless of interviews. I got good feedback from the manager and he strongly encouraged me to apply again, so I did and voila! An interview next Thursday :) My luck is turning around.


My Hair Dresser. She does wonders. We did the trial for my wedding hair and I got it colored Ombre style. Totes Gorge.


New friends. Woops I got another kitty. When Matthias is away, Amie will play. Hahah she is a cute kitty, her name is Oakley. And I think she must only be 5 weeks old. She weighs 1lb 0.7oz. TINY.

Photo on 2013-06-21 at 13.11 #2

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of those days

Last night I drank a coffee at 8pm. Well little ol' me is too sensitive to late night caffeine and I was still bouncing at 2am despite a 7am alarm time. Lucky me, I woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep so I did what any person would do, an hour of yoga. Then I rushed out the door into the dreary rain to drop off my car at the dealership to get an oil change.

Kate picked me up and we went and had a delicious breakfast at Cora. Then we went to pick up my wedding dress which wasn't ready yet (it will be all steamed and ready on the 2nd, cuttin' er close), and someone had arrived right before us that needed 3 pairs of pants altered so we were late getting out of there.

I missed my spray tan appointment and had to re-book for an hour and a half later. So I thought I would go to the gym.

Then I got pulled over for changing the song on my Iphone (which was plugged in to the AUX). Apparently you can only use electronic devices in your vehicle if they are mounted. So glad I knew this so I could avoid a $175 distracted driving ticket for "holding cell phone with driving hand" (yes, that is what my ticket says).

So I go to the gym to lift my spirits a bit (and obvi it helps :) ) and then I go and [finally] get my spray tan. Now I can't shower (or bath, boo, I love having baths on my days off) until tomorrow. I got the great idea to get Starbucks and they gave me a Decaf Americano with Soy, not a Decaf Americano Soy Misto, which I ordered. Didn't find that out until I got home.

I am staying inside for the rest of the day and doing nothing but watching movies.

Tomorrow will be better :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things I am Excited About

  1. Lindsey's Announcement

  2. My Garden Growing

  3. My Wedding in 18 Days

  4. My Hair appointment Friday

  5. A Bachelorette Night in Banff

  6. The Color Me Rad 5km

  7. Training for a PR for my next half Marathon (Training starts July 1st!)

And now, a question for you all:

I need a back up plan in case there is rain on my wedding day. Ellis Bird Farm has NO inside options, if it rains, we are SOL.

Matthias and I have agreed that we don't want to shell out the $$ for a tent.

Is there anywhere in or around Red Deer that anyone can think of that is cheap and would be available to rent last minute that would hold approx 50-60 people for a short wedding ceremony?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gratitude Saturday


HBO TV - I consider myself to be a bit of a TV Snob now that I am into HBO. Seriously, Sunday night HBO is the best. I cried my eyes out over Game of Thrones. :'(


Gardening - I am so grateful to be able to garden in my backyard this year. Our beans, carrots, beets, lettuce, radishes and potatoes have all sprouted already! Exciting.


Crossfit - My oh my. My return to crossfit was awesome as usual, but tough. I can STILL feel my legs 4 days later. We did "Karen with a Twist" ~ 150 Wallballs (I used a 10lb Ball) and EMOTM 5 Pull Up Attempts. My shoulder still bothers me with the kip, but I am getting there :)


My Union - I am lucky to be a part of such a strong union that represents my profession. Nurses are the heart of the healthcare system and the Union really protects us by fighting for safe staffing and proper self care. This in turn is fighting for our patients safety. With negotiations going on, I am grateful our union is a strong voice.


Yoga - I talked about YogaGlo here. I am really loving it so far!


Three Mile Bend - I love love LOVE taking my pups to the dog park in the summer and they love me for taking them! They have so much fun running and playing and meeting other dogs. Regardless of how bad a mood I am in, going to the DP (DeePee as it is called in my house because the dogs know the words "Dog Park") makes me happier.


Farmers Markets - Love buying fresh Humble Hummus and running into friends like Becky :)

Friday, June 14, 2013


I love Yoga.

I feel so awesome and centered after every class I take. It is a great stress reliever and is the perfect cross training for most of the exercise I do. The benefits of yoga are endless.

Unfortunately, I rarely make time for it.

I have a plethora of excuses, I live out of town so I would have to drive 20min to get to the class, I already pay for 2 different gym memberships and cant afford it, the class schedules don't really work with my all evening's work schedule, ect...

Enter YogaGlo.

I was recently introduced to this site through my trainer and I must say, it seems pretty awesome so far.

I signed up for the 15 day trial, but I plan to continue using it after as it is only $18 dollars per month. There are over 1000 classes to choose from in all different styles ranging from Vinyasa Flow to Yin, Ashtanga to Kundalini. I love that you can pick your class length too! Ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours with all different levels from beginner to advanced.

Cool, right!?

This site solves ALL of my previous excuses and I am looking forward to practicing much more frequently.

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with YogaGlo, even though I would love to be :) All opinions expressed are my own.*

Have you heard of YogaGlo?

Whats your favorite style of Yoga?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Hard Out There..

..but its getting easier.

I ready an excellent blog post today from Girls Gone Strong founder Molly Galbraith. It is titled "It's Hard Out There for a Fit Chick" and I strong encourage all of my readers to take the time to read it.

This article really resonated with me.

Working on self acceptance has been tough, but so worth it. I think at this time, in this body, I am the most comfortable and confident in my skin that I have EVER been. I have always tried to be transparent here, and I honestly feel like I have turned a corner for the better.

I weight 155lb on a good morning, naked, after going pee.

I wear a size 8 comfortably.

I wear a Medium shirt, but sometimes I need a Large.

I am 5 feet 4.5 inches tall.

I have cray cray hips and a round booty.

I have cellulite.

My bra size went up to 36C.

I'm a curvy girl, not petite.

All of these things don't make me any less of a woman, any less sexy, any less desirable. They make me unique. They make me, Me.

Do I feel any less healthy than when I was at 130lb worrying about gaining weight? Absolutely not. In fact, I feel healthier. I can lift heavier than I ever have before, I have run farther than I ever have. I am full of energy. I don't suffer from Hypoglycemia anymore. I don't have Orthostatic Hypotension anymore.

I hope that you all can take some time today to reflect on the things that make you uniquely beautiful. I hope you can speak to yourself with kindness, even if its hard, it will get easier.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Workout Clothes

I spend entirely too much money on work out clothes. Usually, I like the cheaper end stuff from Old Navy and I find that the quality and fit works well for my body shape. Sometimes though, I like to splurge on Lululemon and TNA.

A co-worker told me about this online "Outlet" Lululemon store that she had purchased a bunch of items from. She said they shipped quickly (from China) and the price was really reasonable for shipping ($5).

Of course I checked it out, and because Rosie had recently eaten my TNA Black Leggings (she does that) I decided to buy a pair of Wunder Unders because they were on sale for $50.

Well, there is some BS guarantee that they will ship and arrive within 5 business days and blah, blah, blah. Fast forward 3 weeks and they still havent arrived and the shipping information they sent me was invalid.


I thought for sure I was screwed over by this shady company. So I sent them an email. No response. So the next day I sent another. No response. So a week later after no response I sent them 10 emails in a row (because I figured that would stand out in there inbox baha). Well.. my Wunder Unders arrived the next day. Oops.

They are definitely Lululemon and not some knock off brand, so I am happy with the quality and the fit, thank goodness.

About a week after I picked them up, the company finally responded to my emails. All of my emails. And they sent me a $3 coupon for my troubles.

Yes, you read that right.

Three dollars.


And then I looked at the website again.

And then I bought a Power-Y Tank.

And saved $3.

So I only spent $30 for it.

I think I have a problem.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gratitude Saturday

Trying to keep true to my June Goals, here is my first Recap of my daily Gratitude :)


  • Coffee to get me through my travels - I was up at 4:25am to travel to Toronto and the first thing that came to mind when I woke up was absolutely the desire to have coffee. I had 3 different types of Coffee this day, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and a DELICIOUS Iced Latte from Whole Foods.


  • Opportunities to see extended family - I like across the country from my Grandparents and only get to see them every few years as they no longer fly and don't have a car they feel is reliable to drive across Canada with. I was able to meet up with my Grandpa and Nan and it was so nice to spend some time with them :)


  • Early Morning Crossfit - So rejuvenating to take a class at 6am. I was definitely tired, but I felt much more energized following. The WOD was focused Bench Press, and Pull-Ups and was great!


  • The Opportunity to learn from Nursing Leaders - Being in Toronto, I was able to go on a Walking Tour of Regent Park with one of my nursing Idols Cathy Crowe. She is a street nurse and has done so much work with the homeless across eastern Canada. It was an honor to spend the day with her to learn from her.


  • Cross Country Friendships - I was able to meet up with a friend in Toronto that I hadn't seen in a few years and we went for supper at Fresh on Spadina. Delicious Vegetarian Food, Organic White Wine, and Lots of Good Conversation and Laughs were had. I don't have a huge social circle, but I try to keep in touch with certain people throughout my life and I love having friends that you don't see for a long time but when you do, can pick up the friendship like no time has passed.


  • My Pillow - Have I told the story of my pillow on here before? My apologies if I have already. I have had the same pillow since I was three I think (definitely for as long as I can remember). It is super flat, and underneath the 2 pillow cases on it, it is falling apart. It has followed me through all of my moves, and it is seriously the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. I don't even sleep on it necessarily. I usually sleep with it across my chest or spoon it. It is the one item I would think to grab in a fire. Seriously. I think if one of my dogs were to destroy my pillow we would probably have to get rid of the dog. THAT is how much I love it. Its the equivalent of a child's safety blanket, but I like to think its more sophisticated than that. I usually don't travel with it because it is a hassle, so it is one of the top 3 things I look forward to coming home to.


  • Muscles - I PR'ed my Dead lift today! My last 1RM was 125lb back in January and today I was able to lift 150lb!! Such a great feeling.

What are you grateful for today?

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Betty Ford Center

It has been just under 3 weeks since my week spent at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California.

I have taken this time to reflect on my experience and try to absorb what I learned and how I will go forward with this information.

Many of you know that working with those who have addictions is my passion. I find these people and this disease to be fascinating and over-looked. When I was offered the opportunity to apply to go to the "Hub" of treatment facilities, how could I not?

Well, when I found out I was selected to attend I was over the moon excited. Flights, Hotel, Educational Tuition, Transportation to and from the Hotel. All. Included. How fantastic is that?

Here is a bit of info on the BFC:
Betty Ford Center offers a wide variety of help for those seeking an alcohol treatment program and/or drug treatment program. All our programs are based on the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and because women and men have separate and distinct needs when it comes to treatment, Betty Ford Center programs are gender-specific.

Each patient is assigned a treatment team consisting of a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietician, fitness trainer, chemical dependency technician and alumni services representative. This team is responsible for working with each patient to establish an individualized plan of care and recommendations for discharge.

Each treatment day consists of a full schedule of activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, specialty groups, fitness, educational lectures and group therapy, which is the core of treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

The BFC offers numerous programs including in-patient treatment, residential day treatment, young adult focus, pain focus, intensive outpatient, the family program (for family members (13 and older) of addicted individuals), and the children's program (for kids 7-12 with a family member who has an addiction).

It is worth noting that the BFC caters to a very SPECIFIC group of individuals as the cost of treatment is quite high (32 grand for 30 days in-patient treatment). That being said, they are almost always close to full, which reinforces the fact that people with addiction are not just the homeless and lower socioeconomic individuals. Addiction can happen to anyone and truly doesn't discriminate.

I did struggle with the whole "12 step" thing because I am not religious, but they are really trying to emphasize the spirituality aspect of it which I can appreciate. I also struggled with the "Addiction is a Disease, therefore you had no control over it" thing.

Yes, addiction does change the chemistry of the brain, leading to cravings, a change in homeostasis, ext... but I firmly believe that addiction is a coping mechanism for individuals who are running from some un-dealt with trauma. I felt like the BFC did an excellent job at teaching coping skills, but failed to identify that addiction itself was a coping skill and how to avoid replacing an addiction to one substance with an addiction to another substance or behavior.

I loved the extra programs such as the Pain Management track as opioids are so addicting and over prescribed. The Pain Management track takes the individual off of all narcotics and re-teaches their brain to focus on putting the pain "on the back burner." A world renowned pain specialist runs the program and they only accept a limited number of participants at a time because Dr. Peter works with each of them every day one on one. He teaches alternative therapies such as QiGong, Acupuncture and Acupressure.

This experience really reinforced my love of working with those who have addictions. I know it is an area in my career I would love to further explore and develop.

I think that people who are ready to change, and wiling to put in the hard work to deal with their past and learn new ways to make decisions can and do benefit from treatment, and the BFC is an excellent place to do it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Toronto Adventures

Howdy from Toronto, Ontario!

I am here for just under a week for a nursing conference. How cool is that?

I arrived a day early so I could check out the sights (ahem, the Eaton Center and Whole Foods), and meet up for lunch with my Grandpa who I haven't seen in 2 years.

It just so happened that one of my best friends (Steph!) who lives in Grande Prairie/Kamloops was LEAVING Toronto the same day I ARRIVED! We got some lunch at the airport and it was awesome :)

I checked in to my hotel and knew I wanted to get to Whole Foods PRONTO. I didn't know what to expect as the only other Whole Foods I had been to was in Vegas, and boy oh boy, this one did not disappoint! Fully Equipped with a Hot Bar, Salad Bar, and Coffee Bar, the only thing lacking in this joint was a Juice Bar. Can't Have Everything, but you CAN have a Decaf Almond Milk Latte. MMMMmmm.

almI picked up some travel essentials: Bananas, Freshly Ground PB, Apples, Water, Chocolate, Kombucha (which I have never actually tried before...), a New-to-me Liberte Yogurt Flavor (Blackberry), and a Souvenir Water Bottle. Totally worth the 30$ (total) Cab Ride.

whol wholeNext, I had the Eaton Center on my mind. It was only a few blocks from my Hotel. Lucky me, Har Har. I went Lululemon Crazy but only walked out with one pair of Capri's. I REALLY wanted to buy another pair of TNA Leggings because my dog ate my last pair, but I just bought some Lulu ones from a Outlet store so I figured I should hold out.

cityOn my way back to the hotel I saw Chipotle (which I think is definitely a rip off when compared to Mucho Burrito) and a Panera Bread. I was supes excited to try P.Bread, but guys, I just don't get it. It wasn't that fantastic like I was expecting it to be. Letdown.


After, it was time for a Hotel Gym Workout. 5 Weeks until my wedding, and a lot can be accomplished in that time, so I am ready to give it 110%. I killed it with a Dumbbell Complex and some Kettlebell-esque swings with a Dumbbell. I left the gym nice and sweaty.


Monday is going to be a Rest Day and then Tues - Fri I signed up for a CROSSFIT GYM (!!!) which is just a FIFTEEN MINUTE WALK FROM MY HOTEL. WOO!

I got a good feeling about this week ;)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Goals

Woah. We are almost half way through the year people. Where does the time go?! The first 5 months of this year were consumed by one goal: Running a freaking marathon. Well now that it's over, I really want to start setting monthly goals again! Shall we?

  1. Become a "Regular" Blogger again. Somewhere between working full time, training for a marathon, having a mini-mental break down and planning a wedding I lost any and all structure I had for blogging regularly. This month, that changes. I will be posting at least every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

  2. Practice Gratitude. I love identifying things that I am grateful for each day. I will be taking a moment each day before I get out of bed to be thankful for one thing in my life. I'm going to start a new weekly feature called "Gratitude Saturday" where I recap all of the things I was grateful for during the week. :)

  3. Trust Myself. I have done so much work on my mental health and self esteem so far this year. I don't think there has been a time before now that I have been so content with my body and this journey. I feel like I am at a point where I trust myself and my body to do the healthy thing, so I want to continue to honor that this month.

Just 3 goals this month because they are pretty lofty.

What are your goals for the month of June?