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Friday, May 31, 2013

What I'm Loving Lately

brewing twoto1

flowers program

Wedding Crafts :) 36 Days until the BIG DAY. But who's counting?

mumfordThis band was so unreal. Best concert I have ever been to. True Musicians.

nails1 nails2

Sally Hansen's Gel Nail Polish Kit is pretty radical. The polish doesn't chip for up to 2 weeks! Usually my nail polish doesn't last a day.

targetTarget (Thanks Becky & Lindsey). Holy nice clothes. I bought the above romper, belt, and jean shirt, another black and white romper (Don't you just hate that word? There has to be a cooler term for a onesie), and a red v-neck t-shirt. My inner pseudo-hipster (Term Copyrighted by me) is squealing.

And last, Alternating strength training with a little Turbo Fire. Who doesn't love Chalene?