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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Experience with a Naturopath

Hello there!

I am currently blogging from the Calgary International Airport :)

Headed to California, I is.

Matthias has struggled with Digestive issues for quite some time, and at the recommendation of a co-worker, I suggested he see a naturopath.

He happily agreed and a few days later he headed to the Red Deer Wellness Clinic for his appointment with Dr. Iris.

After, he couldn't stop raving about it. She tested him for heavy metals, food sensitivities, candida (yeast). She used muscle testing and reflexology, as well as checked his urine.

Matthias suggested I should go too, just for fun. I am all about alternative therapies, so I eagerly agreed.

To start, I filled out a 4 page admission history with all of my health information.

Then I pee'ed in a cup.

Dr. Iris met with me following and we discussed what I wanted out of the visit; I was mostly just curious to see what she found as I consider myself to be fairly healthy. I had my suspicions about dairy as a food sensitivity, and I wanted to focus on my reproductive health due to my suspected Hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Dr. Iris was very friendly and I was easily able to talk to her about my eating history, HA, and my current emotional health.

With her muscle testing she identified that my Liver and Lungs were my "weaker" organs - not necessarily unhealthy, just weakened. The liver is related to anger and the lungs to grief in Chinese medicine, so this made sense to me.

Next we did food Candida testing. I tested high, so I will be starting a Spray after my marathon. I will update you on how this works/if I feel any different. Apparently candida can be transferred orally? So kissing Matthias is most likely what "gave" it to me as I am rarely on antibiotics.

We moved on to heavy metals. I tested sensitive to silver, low in Calcium and Magnesium (I have since added a supplement) and high in Tin and Arsenic. She asked me "Do you eat a lot of apples, or eat the core?" I answered "No, but I do juice the entire apple in my vegetable juice." Apparently that's bad because arsenic is in the seeds. Good to know.

We moved on to food sensitivities. This made me a bit nervous because she tested a vast variety of foods and I didn't want to be sensitive to some of my favorites.

Low an behold, I am. I tested sensitive to all dairy (which confirmed my suspicions) and cabbage. I also tested sensitive to oats, all nuts and nut butters and nut milks, chocolate, sweeteners, avocado, and all legumes.

I was shocked.

Of course, the level of sensitivity varies, but basically it is because I eat these foods all.the.time.

She suggested a trial period of 2 weeks off the foods then introduce them again to see how I feel.

I won't lie, it has been very hard. I switched to unsweetened sunflower seed butter and coconut milk. I have made slip ups daily, but at least I am more conscious about it.

I know for sure that I want to be sparse with dairy and sugar, but I know that I cant or wont live without oats, chocolate, peanut butter, stevia, avocado, or legumes.

I had my follow up appointment a week later and we discussed supplements. She started me on a new prenatal vitamin ( just in case ;) ). She also announced we would do acupuncture on my shoulder (which I injured in Crossfit in March and it hasn't healed) and on my reproductive organs.

It was so so so so cool! She stuck one needle in my shoulder and 1 inch around the entire needle turned bright red and was vibrating. She said that meant she hit a good spot.

It didn't hurt at all, but I definitely twitched when she put the needles in. I waited for 15 minutes and then she came back and twisted all of the needles again and then I rested for another 15 minutes. I felt fatigued after and my shoulder was achy.

She said every one is different for how many treatments they need to feel better, but that in 4 weeks we would do another follow up and see if it was something I was interested in.

The initial visit cost $170, and the follow up cost $90. Half hour follow ups after that are $45 and adjusted based on time. I am not sure how much acupuncture costs, or if I will do any more treatments.

Overall, I have REALLY enjoyed seeing a naturopath and I have found it to be very informative.

Have you seen a naturpoath before?