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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Green Living

I believe that health is more than just food and exercise. It is a whole lifestyle. And in an attempt to walk the walk, I am trying to make my life more green and chemical free.

I wont lie, making the transition has been pricey, but I believe my health is priceless and would rather spend money on quality products than chemicals that will one day give me cancer.

I am by no means perfect at this, so I would love feedback on the products listed below, or any products you have used!

To start, I made a full list of the chemical-based products I wanted to exchange for green products. Then, I narrowed it down to things I used all the time, and things that could wait to be replaced once I ran out of the old product.

Listening to Jillian Michaels' podcast was really helpful. The number one thing I wanted to reduce was "Scent". Did you know that Scents can be up to 700 different chemicals mixed together? Woah. And they don't have to list what goes in to the scent. So it is a russian roullete of what you are getting.

Right away I swapped out my shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, tooth paste, body soap, hand soap, dish soap, multi purpose cleaner, and face/body lotion.

Here is what I bought:

I have really enjoyed switching to just using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I find it to be light, versatile, and long lasting.

I also really like the tooth paste. I was worried that it would taste gross, but it doesn't!

The olive oil soap .... well it doesn't smell good, but I guess thats the point. It also doesn't lather, but lather is a chemical reaction, so I suppose that's a good thing :)

The skin is the largest organ. Anything we put on it is automatically absorbed in to the blood stream. Shouldn't we be putting good things on it?

Do you use green products?