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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Oh my gosh. I feel like there is so much stuff to write about today. Lots has been happening Healthy Living wise and I feel really really good :) I really hope I can get back in to a regular posting schedule.

Where shall we start?

How about a Wedding Update today?

My wedding dress fitting was on Wednesday and it went really well. Obvi my dress don't fit, but I was totally okay with it :) That's why we get alterations right? They are going to put in a lace up back, which I think will look really nice with the dress. I still totally loved it and I can't wait until it fits properly.

Invites are out and I have started receiving replies, which is fun.

We really cut back on size. We are having max 60ish people to the Ceremony and only a small family supper with about 30. This reduced my stress boat loads, and I have actually enjoyed planning again since we made this decision.

I am going to make the wedding cake and cupcakes myself. I loooove to bake, so I figured, why not? I may be a bit crazy, but at least it will taste delicious. We are going with Banana Chocolate Chip Cake and Peanut Butter Butter Cream. Yum, right?

I have ordered all of the decorations and chair and what not. The only thing really left to do is make some paper flowers for the tables.

I also need to find a small table so I can put the guest book at the ceremony. And make 2 Pictures so that I have something identifying the favors and guest book.

My biggest stress right now is figuring out who is going to set up and take down chairs at the ceremony. Having a small family means it is hard to recruit people to help!

MY VACATION WAS APPROVED SO I AM GOING ON MY HONEYMOON IN SEPTEMBER FOR THREE WEEKS. Ahhhhh, the excitement over this is astounding. Matthias and I are going to Europe, London, Italy and Germany (Oktoberfest!) for sure, but possibly France also. We havent totally decided but are in talks with a travel agent.

Photographer is paid for.

Audio equipment is ready.

I think I am going to walk down the isle to this song:


Being a very nontraditional wedding, coupled with my LOVE of Mumford and Sons, I thought it was appropriate.

I think Matthias and I will walk down the isle after the ceremony to this song:


Its "our" song.

Cute :)

Oh yeah, I am totally going to see Mumford on May 22nd. I may or may not have paid way to much money on Kijiji for not great tickets, but it is worth it.

I am also headed out of town tomorrow for a week long trip to California. I am attending the Betty Ford Medical Education Program to learn about the process of addictions. SO SO SO excited. Did I mention that I am going to eat ALL THE CHOBANI and visit TRADER JOES? Cause I am gonna. Oh and I am scheduled to take a Crossfit Class at Desert Crossfit too.

I think that's it!