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Friday, May 31, 2013

What I'm Loving Lately

brewing twoto1

flowers program

Wedding Crafts :) 36 Days until the BIG DAY. But who's counting?

mumfordThis band was so unreal. Best concert I have ever been to. True Musicians.

nails1 nails2

Sally Hansen's Gel Nail Polish Kit is pretty radical. The polish doesn't chip for up to 2 weeks! Usually my nail polish doesn't last a day.

targetTarget (Thanks Becky & Lindsey). Holy nice clothes. I bought the above romper, belt, and jean shirt, another black and white romper (Don't you just hate that word? There has to be a cooler term for a onesie), and a red v-neck t-shirt. My inner pseudo-hipster (Term Copyrighted by me) is squealing.

And last, Alternating strength training with a little Turbo Fire. Who doesn't love Chalene?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Woody's Full Marathon

Well, I did it. I can now call myself a Marathoner.

Yesterday I got back from this beautiful place.

caliDespite awful weather predictions, I was only sprinkled on for about 30 minutes.

rainI ate a good typical race day breakfast.

marabreakI took a pre-race selfie in the best race shirt I have ever gotten.

mara1  maraself

And I ran for approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Matthias cheered me on at kilometers 28, 35, 39, and the finish line. And I couldn't have done it without his support.

medalBy the end, my time didn't even matter. I just finished. And that is pretty darn cool.BlogSign

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Gym

For the past 3 years, I have been a member of the Women's Only Gym in my city.

When I was first starting out, it was perfect. I loved the classes. I loved the cardio equipment. I loved that there were only ladies working out there. I was self conscious and this gym made my insecurities seem less. I felt like I fit in there.

As I progressed with my fitness, I fell in love with spin. But then the prices went up to much, so I cancelled my unlimited spin membership. I missed it, but it gave me the push I needed to try crossfit.

Crossfit changed my life. I love it. I have loved every class that I have taken, even though they kick my butt. Once I joined crossfit, I stopped going to the classes at my other gym, because I felt like I had outgrown them.

For a while now, I have wanted to get more serious about strength training. I feel like I was lacking knowledge in how to create a program for myself, so on top of my crossfit membership and gym membership, I started paying for weekly sessions with a trainer.

I found these to be both therapeutic and challenging because it pushed me in to an area I didn't feel comfortable with. It also reaffirmed that I felt like I had outgrown the women's only gym.

They don't have a squat rack. There equipment is out dated. They focus too much on cardio. And while I did like their classes, I no longer took them. The membership was also a bit pricey at $50/month.

Well, since I have moved out of the city to the smaller city of Blackfalds, I qualified for their Membership Transfer Program. Luckily I found someone on Kijiji and this last week, they took over my membership!

What does that mean?

I joined a new gym!

Bent Iron Gym to be exact.

I like that they are cheaper, newer, and closer to my house. I also like all the strength based equipment, which is forcing me out of my comfort zone!

Not going to lie, the gym is filled with juice heads, but I am not there to ogle the steroid boys, I am there to work on the guns ;)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Green Living

I believe that health is more than just food and exercise. It is a whole lifestyle. And in an attempt to walk the walk, I am trying to make my life more green and chemical free.

I wont lie, making the transition has been pricey, but I believe my health is priceless and would rather spend money on quality products than chemicals that will one day give me cancer.

I am by no means perfect at this, so I would love feedback on the products listed below, or any products you have used!

To start, I made a full list of the chemical-based products I wanted to exchange for green products. Then, I narrowed it down to things I used all the time, and things that could wait to be replaced once I ran out of the old product.

Listening to Jillian Michaels' podcast was really helpful. The number one thing I wanted to reduce was "Scent". Did you know that Scents can be up to 700 different chemicals mixed together? Woah. And they don't have to list what goes in to the scent. So it is a russian roullete of what you are getting.

Right away I swapped out my shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, tooth paste, body soap, hand soap, dish soap, multi purpose cleaner, and face/body lotion.

Here is what I bought:

I have really enjoyed switching to just using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I find it to be light, versatile, and long lasting.

I also really like the tooth paste. I was worried that it would taste gross, but it doesn't!

The olive oil soap .... well it doesn't smell good, but I guess thats the point. It also doesn't lather, but lather is a chemical reaction, so I suppose that's a good thing :)

The skin is the largest organ. Anything we put on it is automatically absorbed in to the blood stream. Shouldn't we be putting good things on it?

Do you use green products?


Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Experience with a Naturopath

Hello there!

I am currently blogging from the Calgary International Airport :)

Headed to California, I is.

Matthias has struggled with Digestive issues for quite some time, and at the recommendation of a co-worker, I suggested he see a naturopath.

He happily agreed and a few days later he headed to the Red Deer Wellness Clinic for his appointment with Dr. Iris.

After, he couldn't stop raving about it. She tested him for heavy metals, food sensitivities, candida (yeast). She used muscle testing and reflexology, as well as checked his urine.

Matthias suggested I should go too, just for fun. I am all about alternative therapies, so I eagerly agreed.

To start, I filled out a 4 page admission history with all of my health information.

Then I pee'ed in a cup.

Dr. Iris met with me following and we discussed what I wanted out of the visit; I was mostly just curious to see what she found as I consider myself to be fairly healthy. I had my suspicions about dairy as a food sensitivity, and I wanted to focus on my reproductive health due to my suspected Hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Dr. Iris was very friendly and I was easily able to talk to her about my eating history, HA, and my current emotional health.

With her muscle testing she identified that my Liver and Lungs were my "weaker" organs - not necessarily unhealthy, just weakened. The liver is related to anger and the lungs to grief in Chinese medicine, so this made sense to me.

Next we did food Candida testing. I tested high, so I will be starting a Spray after my marathon. I will update you on how this works/if I feel any different. Apparently candida can be transferred orally? So kissing Matthias is most likely what "gave" it to me as I am rarely on antibiotics.

We moved on to heavy metals. I tested sensitive to silver, low in Calcium and Magnesium (I have since added a supplement) and high in Tin and Arsenic. She asked me "Do you eat a lot of apples, or eat the core?" I answered "No, but I do juice the entire apple in my vegetable juice." Apparently that's bad because arsenic is in the seeds. Good to know.

We moved on to food sensitivities. This made me a bit nervous because she tested a vast variety of foods and I didn't want to be sensitive to some of my favorites.

Low an behold, I am. I tested sensitive to all dairy (which confirmed my suspicions) and cabbage. I also tested sensitive to oats, all nuts and nut butters and nut milks, chocolate, sweeteners, avocado, and all legumes.

I was shocked.

Of course, the level of sensitivity varies, but basically it is because I eat these foods all.the.time.

She suggested a trial period of 2 weeks off the foods then introduce them again to see how I feel.

I won't lie, it has been very hard. I switched to unsweetened sunflower seed butter and coconut milk. I have made slip ups daily, but at least I am more conscious about it.

I know for sure that I want to be sparse with dairy and sugar, but I know that I cant or wont live without oats, chocolate, peanut butter, stevia, avocado, or legumes.

I had my follow up appointment a week later and we discussed supplements. She started me on a new prenatal vitamin ( just in case ;) ). She also announced we would do acupuncture on my shoulder (which I injured in Crossfit in March and it hasn't healed) and on my reproductive organs.

It was so so so so cool! She stuck one needle in my shoulder and 1 inch around the entire needle turned bright red and was vibrating. She said that meant she hit a good spot.

It didn't hurt at all, but I definitely twitched when she put the needles in. I waited for 15 minutes and then she came back and twisted all of the needles again and then I rested for another 15 minutes. I felt fatigued after and my shoulder was achy.

She said every one is different for how many treatments they need to feel better, but that in 4 weeks we would do another follow up and see if it was something I was interested in.

The initial visit cost $170, and the follow up cost $90. Half hour follow ups after that are $45 and adjusted based on time. I am not sure how much acupuncture costs, or if I will do any more treatments.

Overall, I have REALLY enjoyed seeing a naturopath and I have found it to be very informative.

Have you seen a naturpoath before?


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Intermittent Fasting


Oh my gosh. I feel like there is so much stuff to write about today. Lots has been happening Healthy Living wise and I feel really really good :) I really hope I can get back in to a regular posting schedule.

Where shall we start?

How about a Wedding Update today?

My wedding dress fitting was on Wednesday and it went really well. Obvi my dress don't fit, but I was totally okay with it :) That's why we get alterations right? They are going to put in a lace up back, which I think will look really nice with the dress. I still totally loved it and I can't wait until it fits properly.

Invites are out and I have started receiving replies, which is fun.

We really cut back on size. We are having max 60ish people to the Ceremony and only a small family supper with about 30. This reduced my stress boat loads, and I have actually enjoyed planning again since we made this decision.

I am going to make the wedding cake and cupcakes myself. I loooove to bake, so I figured, why not? I may be a bit crazy, but at least it will taste delicious. We are going with Banana Chocolate Chip Cake and Peanut Butter Butter Cream. Yum, right?

I have ordered all of the decorations and chair and what not. The only thing really left to do is make some paper flowers for the tables.

I also need to find a small table so I can put the guest book at the ceremony. And make 2 Pictures so that I have something identifying the favors and guest book.

My biggest stress right now is figuring out who is going to set up and take down chairs at the ceremony. Having a small family means it is hard to recruit people to help!

MY VACATION WAS APPROVED SO I AM GOING ON MY HONEYMOON IN SEPTEMBER FOR THREE WEEKS. Ahhhhh, the excitement over this is astounding. Matthias and I are going to Europe, London, Italy and Germany (Oktoberfest!) for sure, but possibly France also. We havent totally decided but are in talks with a travel agent.

Photographer is paid for.

Audio equipment is ready.

I think I am going to walk down the isle to this song:


Being a very nontraditional wedding, coupled with my LOVE of Mumford and Sons, I thought it was appropriate.

I think Matthias and I will walk down the isle after the ceremony to this song:


Its "our" song.

Cute :)

Oh yeah, I am totally going to see Mumford on May 22nd. I may or may not have paid way to much money on Kijiji for not great tickets, but it is worth it.

I am also headed out of town tomorrow for a week long trip to California. I am attending the Betty Ford Medical Education Program to learn about the process of addictions. SO SO SO excited. Did I mention that I am going to eat ALL THE CHOBANI and visit TRADER JOES? Cause I am gonna. Oh and I am scheduled to take a Crossfit Class at Desert Crossfit too.

I think that's it!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thoughts on Marathon Training

      • In exactly 8 days I will be going to California for a week long educational experience at the Betty Ford Center. In exactly 15 days I will be running my first full marathon.

      • I will not miss Ice Baths.

      • Chafing = Ouch.

      • I don't know if I will ever run another full marathon again. Specifically, running another full marathon while working full time, being a member of 3 different CARNA committees, being an active Union Member, raising/maintaining 3 dogs, and trying to plan a Wedding. I just don't have the training hours in me.

      • Does any one else get a sore low back after a long run? It is almost qualified as excruciating today. It hurts to walk, sit, and lay. I am uncomfortable even after popping an Aleve an hour ago.

      • My longest run during training ended up being 33km. This is slightly nerve-racking as I will need to run 9.6km more than that on race day.

      • I haven't followed my training schedule exactly as I wrote it, but I am proud of the work that I have done. I will slowly cross the finish line.

      • I imagine I will cry at the finish line. Probably for 2 reasons: Leg/Hip/Back pain, and feeling Overwhelmed and Proud.

      • Both of my 2nd toe nails might fall off.. I had a blister under one and a bruise under the other. Tres Gross.

      • My fiance is the best. I was feeling really really sore and tired so I called him and asked him if he could come run the last 6km with me. He isn't even a runner but he left the gym so he could help me finish my run.

      • This article is awesome.

      • I think I am going to run without my Nike GPS Watch and Camelback during the race. They have lots of water stations and the camelback makes my water warm when it is warm out. As for the GPS Watch... I want to be fully aware of the entire experience and don't want to be upset if my pace is slow or not what I think it "should be".

      • I hope to god I finish in under 5 hours...

      • I hope to god I finish...

      • This Video:

[youtube] Yup.


Friday, May 3, 2013


Howdy :)

Hows the #7dayvegan Challenge going? It is going pretty good on this end. A few slip ups here and there, but overall it has made me more aware of my dairy intake.

On that note, I wanted to talk about body image, overall health, and perspective.

I have seen both sides of this journey, and some of you have been present to see me through every step in between.

Only recently was I able to finally figure out the root of my body image issues, and figure out what works for me to sift through them.

Here are some of the strategies I have been using:

  • Journalling - I reflect on my day if I feel it has been significant in some way. I write how I am feeling, write questions to myself, and just put pen to paper and let the thoughts flow. It is much like what I do here.

  • Practicing Kindness to myself - If I feel like I am heading down a path of negative thoughts I will fill a bath, make a cup of tea, and read my book. Or I will allow myself to eat a Peanut Butter Cup or 2, because they make me happy.

  • Acknowledging Gratitude - There are so many things we can be grateful for, whether it be a warm cup of coffee, the feeling of our partners hand in ours, or a comfy bed to climb in to at night. I try to recognize the things I am grateful for. This makes the problem seem a lot more insignificant.

  • Reflecting on my Goals - Another important aspect of the picture. I try to find out what I want, deep down in my soul, and then I rationalize if it is achievable or not, and ask myself why I want it. If I am unable to come up with a satisfactory reason, or if I deem the goal irrational, I re-frame it so that I can work to something attainable.

  • Re-framing - I will write down ALL of my negative thoughts in one column on a piece of paper, and on the other side, I will re-frame them so they are either positive or neutral.

Everyone is different and everyone finds comfort in different coping skills. What kind of healthy coping skills do you use when you are having negative thoughts?

Now, on to perspective.

Today I had a Body Composition done, as I am starting a new weight training program (Marathon training is almost done, yo!). I wanted to know what my starting point would be, and I don't want my results based on the scale.

In January 2012, at 128lb, I won a free Body Comp from a Healthy Living Expo I attended. I saved my results. At this time I had a body fat % of 24, which is considered "normal". That means, I was carrying around 31lb of body fat. At this time I had no period or libido, was cold all the time, tired and needed to nap often, suffering from hypoglycemia, and extremely anxious about food and weight gain.

Today, My body fat was up 6%, to 30%. This means I am carrying around 47lb of body fat, a 16lb gain in 15 months. This also means I put on 13lb of muscle.


At this time, I have a regular period, a healthy libido, I can lift heavier than I ever have before, I can run farther than I ever have before, and I no longer count calories.

Sure I stress about my size on some days, but this is becoming farther and fewer between.

I can enjoy a meal with my fiance and not obsess on how to burn the extra calories.

I can take a day off from the gym and not double up the next day just because.

I no longer suffer from Sciatica or Hypoglycemia, or Orthostatic Hypotension.

Getting this composition done was a healthy dose of perspective. Instead of fretting over the increased number on the scale, I was able to appreciate the gains that I have made in muscle, and the strength I have acquired emotionally.

Is this Perfect? By all means no. Can it help me be realistic about what I want to achieve? Absolutely.

The trainer doing the body comp told me I will most likely not lose any size around my legs because they are quite muscular already, and instead will see more definition and tone in my lower body. He said that if I were to lose FAT and not MUSCLE, I will most likely see it go from my chest, shoulders, and arms.

This was also reassuring because it reaffirms my decision to just buy bigger pants rather than fret about not fitting in to my old ones.

I am learning, slowly, to embrace my shape and be grateful for this one of a kind body of mine.