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Friday, March 29, 2013


Today was beautiful. I knew I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather today rather than waiting to do my super long run of 29km on Sunday (snow is in the forecast that day). I ate a delicious gluten free Udi's Bagel 1/2 topped with PB & Banana and the other 1/2 topped with Sunflower Butter/Cookie Butter & Banana. Iced coffee on the side.

Headed out at 0945. I only wore a light long sleeve shirt over my running tank. That's how beautiful it was. I started out and felt great. Sun shining down, slight breeze, legs felt fresh. Ate my first GU at 8km, and thought, hey, I think I will make it an even 30km today instead of 29km. I ran and ran and ran and ate my next GU at 16km. I also took off my top layer because I was shweaty by that point.

Kept on running, and at my last GU at 23km. My hips felt pretty tight, and my calves were starting to ache, I was glad to be heading in to the last 7km.

At the 27th kilometer I really started to hurt. I felt tired, sore, and ready to be done. I literally repeated "Run. Just Run." from the 29th km until I finished. I think at that point I would have just needed some kind of sustenance. My stomach was growling, I started to feel pretty weak.

I think maybe I should eat something at the 30th km? I thought maybe a Lara Bar. Anyone eat one of these while running a long distance before? I figure it would be good because it is natural-ish ingredients and depending on the kind I buy it would have no added sugars but a good amount of carbs. Thoughts?

I only have 2 more Super Long runs before my marathon. In 2 weeks I will do 33km and then when I return from Mexico I will do a 36km run. WOAH.

What do you use for running fuel?