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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Goals

It's not too late for some goals, right?

  • Complete all of my Training Runs - I am okay to swap around some of my Cross Days to do other activities but I want to make sure that I get in ALL of the runs.

  • Appreciate my Body Everyday - Whether it be through something like a relaxing bath, getting a massage, doing yoga, or simply reinforcing that my body is O.K. at this size, I want to appreciate the vehicle that my soul has. It is strong, and it carries me through work, running, and everything in between.

  • Be more conscious when I eat - Ahhh.. always a hard one for me. I like to pound food back like it is going out of style. I am hoping that this will help me stop my grazing as well. Or at least significantly reduce it.

  • Lose 4 pounds - My wedding dress arrived and it is a wee bit tight at the top of the zipper. Now, I know I have put on lots of back muscles, actually, lots of muscles everywhere, but I would really like it to fit without alterations ;)

  • Fit my Summer Shorts - This one is a little bit more long term, but I really want to fit the shorts I bought last summer......... I don't know how possible this one is though because of the muscle I have put on my legs from doing crossfit. Now, I am not completely naive. I know some of it is fat too, but I am hoping that by being more conscious of when and what I eat that MAYBE I will be able to fit them again? Thoughts on this? I freaking hate buying bigger clothes. Even if I am bootylicious. Haha.

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