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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Will Run for Chocolate and Medals! {Race Recap}

On December 1st I participated in the New-to-Red-Deer 5km Salvation Army Santa Shuffle. I kind of thought of this race as my unofficial start to Marathon training because for the month of December I have added scheduled Runs (3-4/week) to increase my base mileage.

The main reason I signed up for this event? Every participate got a medal. Love Medals! I add them to my Race Collage so I will pretty much do any run I can that has a medal involved and why I get so made when I do a run there isn't one.
I ran the race with my friend Annette from work! It made the time fly by.

Weather was definitly chilly. -14 but with the Wind Chill it felt like -21 outside with snow.
 I tested out my new Running Shoes and Winter Running Gear and stayed warm :) I used the Attached Balaclava on the hood for the first few minutes but when I was warm enough I took it off. Notice the dark spot on the Left Shoe? Well... I was wearing in the shoes (does anyone else do this?) around the house and decided to bake cookies. I melted my butter in the Microwave and when I pulled it out, it splashed on my Brand. New. Kicks. :\ Never doing that again.
A lovely surprise? Free Lindt Advent Calendars at the end! YUM.

We finished in just over 36 minutes, but considering the congestion at the start of the race I think we would have finished at around the 32 minute mark.

Fun times to be had. Let the marathon training begin.