healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Musings [2]

1. Merry Crossfitmas
5 Rounds For Time

  • 20 Double Unders
  • 10 Deadlifts at 70%ish of 1RM (My 1RM is 125#, so I did 85#)
  • 5 Hand Release Push Ups
CASHOUT: 50 Sit Ups
2. My house has been hijacked. 6 People, 4 Dogs, and 2 Cats is way too much for my size house.
3. I was totally stressed about December 21st, 2012. Amie = Ball of Nerves, all day long. I even forced myself to stay up until Midnight just to know that I "lived another day". Thank goodness it is over.
4.  I nearly died laughing at this. Please go read it now.