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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revised Marathon Training Plan

Hi Friends! I have spent some time this morning revising my Woody's Marathon Training Plan to include some Crossfit. My Plan is based primarily on a Crossfit/Running Balance, with plenty of opportunities to rest, recover, and enjoy the process. I am so so so excited!
You probably noticed a lack of Yoga in the above training plan... I noticed it too. On my Rest days, I plan on incorporating either Yoga at home, or Yoga at the Breathing Room, but only the relaxation kind, not the Power Flow kind. Later on, as the Mileage on Sunday's increase, I will take out the Crossfit classes on Monday and do some light Cross Training or Yoga on those days as well.

I also changed my Long Run day from Friday to Sunday 

This is just a guideline. If I want an extra rest day I will take an extra rest day. I will be doing a walk-run method on my long runs. I don't want this to become stressful or time-focused. This is my FIRST MARATHON for goodness sakes and I want to enjoy it all and soak it all up :)

I also have some Personal Training purchased, so I am sure some of the shorter runs during the first 5ish weeks of training will turn into PT days.

Any feedback on the plan? Did you ever train for a race while incorporating Crossfit?