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Friday, November 9, 2012

Picking a Training Guide

I was given the "Okay" from my Doctor on Thursday to train for the 2013 Woody's Marathon! Yes! So now, I am faced with a challenge. What training plan do I follow? There are tons and tons of training plans our there, available on the internet, in running stores, you get the gist. So which one is the one for me? Here are the top 3 contenders:
  1. No Meat Athelete - This is the plan I am leaning towards as I want to focus on being healthy and as meat-free as possible while ensuring I am getting adequate protein. It is an online program (PDF download, with audio, checklists, and a comprehensive guide). Only $37.
  2. Running Room - This was the first program I looked at as I would like to have the commradery of running with others. The problem? I work Tuesday (education day) and Wednesday (run day) evenings... I could still go to the Sunday morning runs, for free, regardless of what plan I pick. I could do the online running plan, which costs $50.
  3. Hal Higdon - This plan is free and available online here. I used Hal Higdon to train for my first 10km run and killed it. It was an easy to follow plan and very effective. Hal Higdon is well known for his training plans.  
Runners, what programs have you used? Any feedback or suggestions on the programs I have listed above? I would love to hear it!