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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Marathon Plan

So this is what I have created so far. The Hill, Tempo, and Interval workouts are based off of the No Meat Athlete Roadmap I mentioned in an earlier post. Thank you for all of the suggestions and feedback! I will contact the Running Room and see if they have different times for their clinic runs. If not I will go at it on my own. I plan on running only 3 days a week, I know if I run any more than that I will get burnt out. I also know that listening to my body will be extremely important. I plan on working with a trainer to focus on the proper strength training for marathon running (I start on the 23rd!). If I want an extra day off I will take a day off, if I want to switch out a run for a class, I will. I hope to keep going to Crossfit, Spin, and Yoga!