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Friday, November 2, 2012

Exercise Woes

I really do love working out. But I feel like over the past few months I have lost my Mojo. You see, I haven't had a period since February. Yes, February. That is nearly 10 months without having my lady friend join me each month. At first, I was totally freaked out that I was pregnant. I took about 5 pee tests and finally a blood test to confirm the obvious fact, that I wasn't pregnant. Phew. So why no period?

I went off the birth control pill at that time, and since then, my natural cycle has not returned. I had taken the pill for 5 years, gone off for a year, and then went back on for a year. In the last year I was on the pill I lost the majority of my weight. Then, when I decided to go off the pill, my period decided not to resume its schedule and has been M.I.A. since.

So I go to the doctor, he does blood work and finds that I have a low White Blood Cell count, and that I have had one for over a year. It is worth noting that I have tons of energy, a good immune system (I rarely get sick), I am not flogged with stress, I get adequate sleep, and I eat fairly healthy. I do exercise moderately, and the doc recommends I cut back a bit. I comply. He sends me for a pelvic ultrasound, which showed 2 ovaries with eggs in them.

So he sends me to a hematologist. I convince myself that I am dying, either from leukemia or HIV (acquired through some freak accident). The hematologist sends me for a whole shwack of blood work and an abdominal ultrasound, and I get tested for STI's. Everything comes back negative, the rest of my blood work is unremarkable, I have no STI's, and my inner parts are all normal sized. Phew. So now what?

I cut out my 3rd half marathon for 2012 summer. I didn't get to do my duathlon. I haven't tried cross fit. I significantly reduced my running. I gained a bit of weight.

No period. A clean bill of health from the hematologist (she plans on following up with me yearly). What now? Well I have a doctors appointment for next week so that I can hopefully start on hormone therapy to try and jump start my period.

I feel lost with my current exercise regimen, like a part of my identity is gone. I don't know how to create a strength training program that I love. I don't have any races to train for. I haven't tried cross fit yet. I feel like I have nothing to work towards, not to mention the apprehension I feel regarding pushing myself too far and screwing up my inner parts even more.
I just signed up for 2 winter races, which is totally out of my element. The Santa Shuffle 5km Fun Run, December 1st. And the Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon, March 3rd.

I've also decided that I will run the Woody's Marathon in 2013. The full marathon. Of course I won't have any time goals, just the goal to finish, but I feel like this will give me something big to work towards. Having announced these goals just makes me excited! I am planning on doing the Running Room Marathon Clinic as motivation/accountability and to teach me just how to train and fuel for a full marathon!

I look back to my 2012 word; Transition. It couldn't be more appropriate for my year. I graduate college, bought a house, got a full time job, worried about my health, met my biological father and got engaged. Not all of the transitions I listed happened, but I still feel like a totally different person now. A more grown up person.

Have you set any 2013 goals yet?