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Monday, September 24, 2012

Review of Summer Fitness Goals

 On the sidebar of my blog, I listed some fitness goals that I wanted to complete this summer.

They included:
  • Complete a Duathlon
  • Join Crossfit
  • 3 Half Marthons in Summer '12
  • Unassisted Pullup
I have had some health issues arise. I am not completely ready to talk openly about them yet as I am still in the investigation phase to find out what exactly is going on, but needless to say, these interfered with my fitness goals for the summer.

So no, I didn't meet my goals. Not a single one of them. But such as life.

I did run 2 half marathons; the Woody's Half Marathon and the Lacombe Half Marathon - 2 races I will likely run again. I did start a strength training program, and I am much stronger today than I was at the beginning of the summer, so I am making progress on the unassisted pull up thing.

I unfortunately had to work on the day of the Canmore Duathlon. My friend Danielle completed this race and freee-king rocked it!! She got 3rd in her age group!  I was able to complete the Spartan Race the day before, and Matthias and I had a blast doing it! There is always next summer to do the Duathlon :)

I still have the full intent to join Crossfit but right now it is not in my budget.

I also plan this fall and winter to keep up running at least once a week, lifting weights 2 times a week, practicing yoga once a week, and hopefully spinning once a week. My gym raised the unlimited ride fee, so now I can't afford it. I removed my name from the unlimited ride for the month of October... I have mixed feelings about it. If I miss it (and likely I will because I L.O.V.E ride) then I will suck it up and pay the $20 on top of my already expensive $60/month membership.

So I decided to update my sidebar with some things I would like to eventually accomplish! No time limit on them, but they are out there for the blog world to see so they will happen!