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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Race Recap: 8km Harvest Run

Beautiful day for a run!

I signed up last minute for the 8km Harvest Run. Ladies from my work were also partaking so I thought it would be the perfect final event of my running season.

T'was a beautiful morning.
I got up and made my usual pre-run breakfast; sans toast. I made a wrap with PB and banana because I didn't have any bread. As I was half asleep I nearly forgot to snap a photo. I pounded back that Coffee.
Obvi - I was tired. I worked till midnight last night and was up at 7am. The pups were also tired!
Got all numbered up and hit the trail.
It was awesome!! I ran a bit of the way with a girl from work. It was fun. I finished the 8km in 46:56. Not bad, not bad!

Off to work :)