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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, I'm planning a Wedding, Lets go!

Who woulda thought that planning a wedding would be so much work?

Heh. I'm not kidding anyone with that last statement am I? Wowsers. There is a lot of details to think of.

Check out my Pinterest Board to see a compilation of all my ideas so far. Some I like more than others. Comment away, give me suggestions, anything people! I need all the help I can get.

I am following this fancy checklist to help me sort out my ideas and make sure I am giving myself enough time get everything accomplished on time and on budget.

Check out my Wedding Page on the sidebar to follow all of my planning shenanigans!

Here is what we have done so far:
  • Date: July 6th, 2013, our 7 year anniversary :)
  • Engagement Photos: September 23rd!
  • Wedding Party: Confirmed Bridesmaids are Steph D, Dallas, and my MOH Kate. Still need to ask Steph S if she wants to be a BM. Confirmed Groomsmen are Kevin (Best Man) and Florian (Matt's Bro). We are having an uneven wedding party - The guys will be up at the front and the gals will walk down the isle solo.
  • Wedding Dress Shopping: October 23rd-24th. OH MAN IM PUMPED. Matthias's Fam is coming from BC and we are going to go to Edmonton to look at the new Davids Bridal.
  • Venue: Ceremony; Ellis Bird Farm,  Reception; Blackfalds Community Hall
  • Caterer: Remi's Catering
  • Bartenders: No website, but have put a deposit on 2 bartenders that I found on Kijiji (a Hubby and Wife)
  • DJ: We are going to set up the sound system at the Hall and then make a killer wedding playlist. Florian will be in charge of any additional requests. This saves us about 600$. Matthias and I both are really the dancing types, and I imagine the wedding won't be a raging party, so this will keep in light hearted and relaxed.
  • Initial Guest List: Matthias and I are paying the wedding ourselves, so we are keeping it low key and small, our initial guest list has about 70 people on it.
  • Wedding Rings: I have the style Matthias likes written down, now I just need to go in and order it. My engagement ring has a wedding band that is still at the store.
  • Colors: Orange and Blue
  • Budget: I downloaded this tool; Wedding Budget Worksheet. How cool is that?! Goal: $10 000 or under.
  • Honeymoon: Budget; $5000. We are going to Panama!
  • Photographer: Emily! I worked with Em at Starbucks. She went off to Vancouver for Picture School and now she is back in Red Deer! She is also doing our engagement photos.
  • Rental Items: As of right now the only item that is a for-sure for rental is a projector. Blackfalds Hall already has a screen. We will probably go with Parkland Party Rental
  • Invitations/Thank You Cards/Ect...: Will order them from Vista Print.
Okay, here is my question to you:
Linens, like tablecloths, chair covers, that kind of this - Rent or buy?