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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bakin' Friends - September

It's that time of the month again! Bakin' Friends Reveal!

I sent something yummy over to Megs at Life is in the Journey.

Here is some information on what Bakin' Friends is all about:
Bakin’ Friends is all about connecting bakers, bloggers, foodies, and people who just like sweets! We’re in the business of baking and making friends! 
Each month we will be baking goodies, with a secret ingredient, to send out to one another. I’ll let you know at the beginning of the month what secret ingredient we’re using. It might be chocolate, it might be maple syrup, it may be bacon, whatever it is though you’ll be required to use it (unless there’s an allergy to the ingredient) in your baked goody.
On the 6th of each month you will be paired up with a Bakin’ Friend. You’ll contact your newly appointed Bakin’ Friend to see if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions and you’ll also get their mailing address. Then you’ll bake your goody and have it in the mail and on its way to your new Bakin’ Friend by the 16th of each month. You’ll of course want to include the recipe for your baked goody so that your new friend can recreate the yummies at home! How cute would it be if we all did our recipes on vintage recipe cards, just sayin’!
Then, on the last day of the month we’ll post about who our new Bakin’ Friend is, what they baked, and how they used the secret ingredient. (This group right now is only open to US and Canadian residents. US residents will be paired with US residents, and Canadian residents with Canadian residents.
I was sent some Cinnamon-y goods from Kayleigh!

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles!
SO Yummy! Soft and Chewy! I am normally a chocolate person, but I really enjoyed these cookies!

Matthias and my sister gobbled them up too :)

Loved the Brown Butter flavor in them!

Poor Kayliegh originally wanted to send me some Cinnamon Bread but the yeast wasn't working for her. That sounds like me! I am TERRIBLE with yeast. She was kind enough to include the recipes for both!

Loving the monthly Bakin' Friends exchange! If you haven't signed up already, YOU SHOULD!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Review of Summer Fitness Goals

 On the sidebar of my blog, I listed some fitness goals that I wanted to complete this summer.

They included:
  • Complete a Duathlon
  • Join Crossfit
  • 3 Half Marthons in Summer '12
  • Unassisted Pullup
I have had some health issues arise. I am not completely ready to talk openly about them yet as I am still in the investigation phase to find out what exactly is going on, but needless to say, these interfered with my fitness goals for the summer.

So no, I didn't meet my goals. Not a single one of them. But such as life.

I did run 2 half marathons; the Woody's Half Marathon and the Lacombe Half Marathon - 2 races I will likely run again. I did start a strength training program, and I am much stronger today than I was at the beginning of the summer, so I am making progress on the unassisted pull up thing.

I unfortunately had to work on the day of the Canmore Duathlon. My friend Danielle completed this race and freee-king rocked it!! She got 3rd in her age group!  I was able to complete the Spartan Race the day before, and Matthias and I had a blast doing it! There is always next summer to do the Duathlon :)

I still have the full intent to join Crossfit but right now it is not in my budget.

I also plan this fall and winter to keep up running at least once a week, lifting weights 2 times a week, practicing yoga once a week, and hopefully spinning once a week. My gym raised the unlimited ride fee, so now I can't afford it. I removed my name from the unlimited ride for the month of October... I have mixed feelings about it. If I miss it (and likely I will because I L.O.V.E ride) then I will suck it up and pay the $20 on top of my already expensive $60/month membership.

So I decided to update my sidebar with some things I would like to eventually accomplish! No time limit on them, but they are out there for the blog world to see so they will happen!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Applaude Life

Wanted to share this post today:

The Only Way to Respond to Life

I have failed a wee bit on my 3 posts per week. I have a few drafts started and things I want to write, but to actually find the time to sit down and collect my thoughts is hard to find. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to write a few scheduled posts to help this out.

Tomorrow are our engagement photos! When I get them I will for sure post em! I am also going to Bliss Bridal Gala with my sister. Should be a fun time :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Back from a lovely vacation with a wonderful man!
The Whole-y Land
I love WF! I bought Chobani, Nutzo, Justins, and ate at the Food Bar and Juice Bar. LOVE.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
That would be Mario Lopez in the Blue Shirt. That's the best picture I got of him.
The 2nd Best Place on Earth!
COOKIE BUTTER. Matthias and I went back and bought a 2nd Jar!

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

Bavarian Restaurant with my Bavarian Guy!
Pinkberry! Yum.
Red Rock Canyon!

Now, to make up for the oodles of food I ate, Matthias and I are trying a 30 day Vegan Challenge! More on that to come ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, I'm planning a Wedding, Lets go!

Who woulda thought that planning a wedding would be so much work?

Heh. I'm not kidding anyone with that last statement am I? Wowsers. There is a lot of details to think of.

Check out my Pinterest Board to see a compilation of all my ideas so far. Some I like more than others. Comment away, give me suggestions, anything people! I need all the help I can get.

I am following this fancy checklist to help me sort out my ideas and make sure I am giving myself enough time get everything accomplished on time and on budget.

Check out my Wedding Page on the sidebar to follow all of my planning shenanigans!

Here is what we have done so far:
  • Date: July 6th, 2013, our 7 year anniversary :)
  • Engagement Photos: September 23rd!
  • Wedding Party: Confirmed Bridesmaids are Steph D, Dallas, and my MOH Kate. Still need to ask Steph S if she wants to be a BM. Confirmed Groomsmen are Kevin (Best Man) and Florian (Matt's Bro). We are having an uneven wedding party - The guys will be up at the front and the gals will walk down the isle solo.
  • Wedding Dress Shopping: October 23rd-24th. OH MAN IM PUMPED. Matthias's Fam is coming from BC and we are going to go to Edmonton to look at the new Davids Bridal.
  • Venue: Ceremony; Ellis Bird Farm,  Reception; Blackfalds Community Hall
  • Caterer: Remi's Catering
  • Bartenders: No website, but have put a deposit on 2 bartenders that I found on Kijiji (a Hubby and Wife)
  • DJ: We are going to set up the sound system at the Hall and then make a killer wedding playlist. Florian will be in charge of any additional requests. This saves us about 600$. Matthias and I both are really the dancing types, and I imagine the wedding won't be a raging party, so this will keep in light hearted and relaxed.
  • Initial Guest List: Matthias and I are paying the wedding ourselves, so we are keeping it low key and small, our initial guest list has about 70 people on it.
  • Wedding Rings: I have the style Matthias likes written down, now I just need to go in and order it. My engagement ring has a wedding band that is still at the store.
  • Colors: Orange and Blue
  • Budget: I downloaded this tool; Wedding Budget Worksheet. How cool is that?! Goal: $10 000 or under.
  • Honeymoon: Budget; $5000. We are going to Panama!
  • Photographer: Emily! I worked with Em at Starbucks. She went off to Vancouver for Picture School and now she is back in Red Deer! She is also doing our engagement photos.
  • Rental Items: As of right now the only item that is a for-sure for rental is a projector. Blackfalds Hall already has a screen. We will probably go with Parkland Party Rental
  • Invitations/Thank You Cards/Ect...: Will order them from Vista Print.
Okay, here is my question to you:
Linens, like tablecloths, chair covers, that kind of this - Rent or buy?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Race Recap: 8km Harvest Run

Beautiful day for a run!

I signed up last minute for the 8km Harvest Run. Ladies from my work were also partaking so I thought it would be the perfect final event of my running season.

T'was a beautiful morning.
I got up and made my usual pre-run breakfast; sans toast. I made a wrap with PB and banana because I didn't have any bread. As I was half asleep I nearly forgot to snap a photo. I pounded back that Coffee.
Obvi - I was tired. I worked till midnight last night and was up at 7am. The pups were also tired!
Got all numbered up and hit the trail.
It was awesome!! I ran a bit of the way with a girl from work. It was fun. I finished the 8km in 46:56. Not bad, not bad!

Off to work :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recipe: Grilled Romaine

Delicious Supper tonight. Had to share!

Serving: 2
  • 1 Romaine Heart
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste
  • Your favorite Salad toppings, I love black beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, corn and of course, Avocado!
  • Your favorite Salad Dressing, I used Kraft Peppercorn Ranch diluted 1tbsp dressing to 1tbsp water
  • Mini Potatoes
  • Cooking Spray
  1. Preheat Oven to 400*F. Slice Mini potatoes thinly. Spray baking sheet with Cooking spray. Lay your potatoes down in a single layer and spray the top with cooking spray. Season to taste. Cook for 15 minutes, turn all the potatoes over and cook for an additional 15 minutes. = Easy, healthy chips!
  2. Preheat grill.
  3. Chop Romaine Heart in 2, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with S&P.
  4. Cook each side of the Romaine on the grill for 4-5minutes.
  5. Serve immediately, top with your favorite salad toppings and dressing.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Foodie Survey

Saw this on Molly's Blog and thought it was due time for a fun foodie survey!


1. Favorite cereal as a child?
Cap'n'Crunch. SO good. SO bad for you!

2. Coffee or Tea? With milk or without?
I'm a coffee girl. 1/2 and 1/2 cream > milk.

3. The one food you eat most often at breakfast?
I vary my breakfasts between Oatmeal, All Bran, Yogurt & Granola, Pancakes, Waffles, Scones. A similarity between all breakfast items? A Banana! I think I maybe go maximum 3 days out of the year without starting my day with a Banana.


1. Sandwiches are generally considered a “lunch food.” If you had to choose between a grilled cheese and a peanut butter and jelly, which would you pick?
Grilled Cheese probably.

2. You can only put four ingredients in your salad (not including greens); what do you throw in the mix? Additionally, which greens and dressing do you pick?
Pecans, Raisins, Avocado, Cucumber. Spinach as the base. Honey Mustard as the dressing!

3. One food you can’t live without at lunch?
I don't know. I go through phases. I am really loving eggs right now.


1. It’s the end of the day. You’re tired, hungry, and your fridge is empty. If a fast food (from a chain) is your only option, where do you go and what do you order?
Mucho Burrito - Taco Salad!

2. TV/computer on or off while you’re eating?
Off - I usually eat in the kitchen at my table!

3. The one food you eat most often at dinner?
Zucchini. Holy eff, my fridge is fullll of zucchini.


1. Choose between these two American desserts: cheesecake or apple pie?
Cheesecake. Peanut Butter Cheesecake.

2. Choose between these two foreign desserts: tiramisu (Italy) or flan (Spain)?
Tiramisu! I once made a Tiramisu cheesecake. It was so decadent. I made the crust with Kahlua and crushed lady fingers, and topped each piece with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

3. Ice cream: cone or cup?
Cup. I have never been a huge cone fan!

Your Turn!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday [14]

Long time no WIAW ;)

Making good on my September goals I am proud to announce that I did a glorious un-timed 5km run yesterday. I am also staying strong with my no more than 3 purchased drinks/week. I had a Booster Juice on Sunday and have since turned down my inner specialty coffee monster 2 times. That may also be due to my lack of money right now though...

On to the eats!! This is what I ate on Monday, September 3rd.
Breakfast; 1c All Bran Flakes, 3/4c Almond Milk, 1/4c Blueberries, 1 Large Banana, Drizzle'o'PB
Lunch; Pile of Veg and Hummus with a Nectarine and 2 Graham Crackers
Snack; A Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Green Smoothie and 2 pieces of Zucchini Chocolate Cake
Supper; Nectarine, Orzo Salsa Zucchini Boat topped with cheddar
Snack; Mandarin, 2 slices of Bandera Bread from BP's, 2 arrowroot cookies with PB

What are your fall favorites?
I only so-so like pumpkin. I like pumpkin oats once in a blue moon, and other than that I am not a huge fan of them! I also like pumpkin spice lattes from the 'bucks every now and then, but I can only enjoy them 3x/week as per my September Goals!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Goals

Welcome September.

I officially had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday. Is there a better way to start off the month? I thought not.
Yesterdays weight? 128.5lb. Now that I have been happily maintaining between 126 - 130lb for the last 9 months, I feel comfortable in creating some monthly goals for myself to help keep myself accountable!
  1. Only 3 purchased drinks per week. As the weather cool downs, I get so excited for my Soy Coffee Misto's. I want to cut back and keep myself accountable. This includes anything from Starbucks to City Roast to Tim Hortons to Booster Juice.
  2. Run at least once per week. Running has pretty much halted over the last month. I miss it, but I also have been enjoying the freedom to explore other activity like Yoga. I would like to do at least 5km once a week.
  3. Maintain my weight. With a trip to Vegas coming up, I want to maintain my weight over the month of September. I plan to accomplish this by eating whole foods, limiting refined sugar, and walking lots when I am on my vacation.
  4. Blog 3x a week. I lacked with my blogging this summer. I have been keeping up with reading my favorite blogs, but I find it hard to keep up the blog while working full time. No more excuses. Blogging is here to stay!
  5. Quit Baking. I have zucchini coming out the ying yang and thus far I have baked: Zucchini Spice Bread, Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Zucchini Trail Mix Cookie Puffs, Zucchini Kitsilano Scones, and today, Zucchini Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake and Cupcakes. I still have 5 zucchinis in my fridge and another 6-7 flowers on my zucchini plants. I am totes baked-out (I never thought it could happen!!)..... by the way; anyone want a zucchini?
What are your September Goals?