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Friday, August 3, 2012

Full Time Fast Forward

So with this whole working full time thing the weeks really fly by.

I have a love-dislike thing going on with the straight evenings in my rotation. A part of me likes the evenings, I sleep in just fine, I get up, clean the house, exercise, and cook supper. I like the shift differential (almost $3 extra/hour). I like the staff.

What I don't like..... Well I miss seeing that Matthias Guy every evening. I get to see him in the morning, I get up and make him breakfast before face planting on the bed again, but I feel bad when he stays up until midnight when I get home because then he has to get up at 6am.

I guess every job has its positives and negatives and overall I am very grateful to be in a job I enjoy. Now I just must wait for my "perfect" shift rotation... a 0.84, days evenings. I don't think that's asking too much ;)

I had another epsiode (or so I think) of hypoglycemia during work on Tuesday night. Either that or food posioning. I was so nauseous and it just kicked me. I felt like I was run over by a truck for the rest of my shift. Then I ended up sleeping until 1:30pm the next day. I still felt "off" like I had slept in TOO long. Thursday I woke up feeling great, thank goodness.

So I am planning a surprise for Matthias in September. We both have 5 days off so I have booked a bit of a get-a-way for us!! I don't want to spill the beans just in case he were to stop by and read the blog, but I am counting down the days!!! 42 days to be exact. Shoot.. I need to pay off my credit card before then!

I also can't believe it's already AUGUST. When did that happen? I feel like such an adult now. Working full time, owning a house, Geesh. Better go and buy a walker and a shuffle board.