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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bakin' Friends

I joined Bakin' Friends for the month of August! The secret ingredient was OATMEAL. drool.

From the website:
Bakin’ Friends is all about connecting bakers, bloggers, foodies, and people who just like sweets! We’re in the business of baking and making friends!
Each month we will be baking goodies, with a secret ingredient, to send out to one another. I’ll let you know at the beginning of the month what secret ingredient we’re using. It might be chocolate, it might be maple syrup, it may be bacon, whatever it is though you’ll be required to use it (unless there’s an allergy to the ingredient) in your baked goody.
On the 6th of each month you will be paired up with a Bakin’ Friend. You’ll contact your newly appointed Bakin’ Friend to see if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions and you’ll also get their mailing address. Then you’ll bake your goody and have it in the mail and on its way to your new Bakin’ Friend by the 16th of each month. You’ll of course want to include the recipe for your baked goody so that your new friend can recreate the yummies at home! How cute would it be if we all did our recipes on vintage recipe cards, just sayin’!
Then, on the last day of the month we’ll post about who our new Bakin’ Friend is, what they baked, and how they used the secret ingredient. (This group right now is only open to US and Canadian residents. US residents will be paired with US residents, and Canadian residents with Canadian residents.
I sent some baked goodies over to Erin. Check out her blog, The Spiffy Cookie, for a recap!

I got some delciousness sent to me from Steph at Steph's Bite by Bite.

I unfortunately was the only Canadian, so I am only going to participate next month if more Canadian's sign up! *cough* go sign up now! *cough*

Ahhh.... The ever elusive Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's. I am headed to Vegas in approximately 3 weeks. I have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods on the Brain, and will be sure to pick some of this crack stuff up when I am there!

I promptly inhaled 3 cookies. Eating only cookies for lunch is okay once in a while. Right? ..... Right.

It was tons of fun, and super delicious!

Now, I would totally love to participate again!! So my fellow Canucks, please sign up, comment and let me know you have signed up, and I shall sign up again and maybe we could be paired up!