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Monday, July 2, 2012


Somebody pinch me.

I am laying here, in my new master bedroom, with my kitties cuddled up to me and my puppies on the floor. I have already seen Matthias off to work but seeing as the room turns in to a cave when the blinds and curtains are closed, I decided to come back to bed to lay in the light and wake up a bit more.

Last night was our 3rd sleep in the new house.

Its been crazy. Its been busy. Its been exhausting.

Rewind to Friday. We had already partially loaded up the trailer so we headed in to Matthias' storage unit to begin emptying it. We got a call from the realtor and were to meet them at the house for 1pm. We filled the storage and left with just the right amount of time to drive out to BF (Blackfalds). The house was even better than I remembered it to be!! The previous owners left it so clean and they had all of our keys organized and everything written up for our sprinkler system. They even had 2 Corona's out for us! Lovely. :)

It didn't really sink in as we unpacked the first trailer of stuff. We headed back in to pick up the dining room table, load up the rest of the storage stuff, and buy some new home essentials (garbage can, bags, tin foil lol). Then we headed back to my Dad's house so I could re-load my car with all of our food and last minute stuff. From there we headed back out, this time joined by my Dad and Kevin (Matthias' BFF). They helped us unload while I started to unpack. I ordered Pizza for everyone and tried to make some kind of organization happen. While they guys set up the living room, I continued to unpack. Pizza was eaten. My dad went home after that and Matthias and Kevin started to set up the Table and Chairs. I put together the spare bedroom and bathroom because they were the least overwhelming of the rooms.

Exhausted, Matthias and I finally found our bed at Midnight. We woke up the next morning after an only "okay" sleep. The duvet cover was new, the room was new, it almost felt like sleeping in a hotel room.

I went to my dads to load up one last time (Nursing Books and Closet Clothes) and then bought some Coffee and headed "home" once again.

Organizing the kitchen was very, very overwhelming. I had no idea where to even start. It was really hard to make decisions about where to put stuff because I wanted it to "flow" right. Does that make sense? :S Anyway, Shaw came and set up the cable, Internet was connected, and I spent all. of. Saturday. organizing the kitchen. Matthias worked on his part of the bedroom, finishing up the Dining room table (putting together chairs is quite the process) and putting together our patio set. He also organized the internet and entertainment stuff and started organizing his Man Cave. We took a coffee break at about 3pm and sat out on the porch and enjoyed the nice weather for 30min. Then we headed in to RD to price out Dog Doors and buy a few more groceries. Back at home we made supper and hung pictures. We called it quits then, and I convinced Matthias to go rollerblading with me and the dogs. HAH. I promised him lots of laughs, and I delivered. I am horrible on roller blades!! We found a newly developed area with no houses built an roller bladed on the street with the dogs for about half an hour. It was lots of fun!

Sunday Matthias headed back to work and I got up bright and early to finish my part of the bedroom (clothes and such) and the rest of the upstairs finishing touches. Went to the Dog Park with the pups for a glorious walk, came home and made a quick lunch, and then headed to the garden to weed.

Weeding the garden took me 2.5hours. It was pretty bad. But we have lots of good produce growing so it was worth it! Check out this sunburn from me bending over and my shirt showing my back!
Still in my PJ's :)
OUCH! Well after the garden was all weeded, I came home and Matthias was done work so we made supper. Then we worked on organizing the office downstairs, hanging more pictures, and finally sat down to watch True Blood and the new HBO show The Newsroom, which is SUPER funny, I like it a lot!

3rd night in the house was the best sleep yet.

It is still surreal, and it doesn't really feel like home yet, but it is coming.

I haven't done any "real" exercise in the last 4 days but I feel sore like I have been!! Either way I am headed to the Gym before work for some strength training and then I have an hour long spin class tomorrow. Back to a routine me thinks! Next half marathon is in 19 days!