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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scheduled OT, Running, and Life

I've got some scheduled OT at the Remand Center during the next few days, as well as my regular Evening Shifts at the Hospital. Helloooooo $$$. I figure it is best to get it in now that Matthias is in BC fishing than to try and do it while he is home. I already hardly see the guy, so I like to schedule as much time to him as I can ;)

I am supposed to be running the Lacombe 1/2 Marathon this weekend. But due to some recent health issues I am second guessing my participation in the long distance run. You see, I haven't had my period for 6 months (since going off the pill). I know, I know, lots of people have this problem and they say it comes back naturally and over time. I have gone off the pill before though (when I was still heavier) and it came back within 2 months. I went and saw my Dr. and he sent me for an ultrasound and blood work (to check my hormones and such). Well the hormones are all good and the ultrasound is all good. But my White Cell Count was slightly low (2.7, normal is above 4). He sent me for repeat blood work 2 weeks later and although it was up a bit (2.9) it is still below the normal limit. I have had a fluctuating white cell count over the last few years (low, normal, low, normal, low, baseline normal, low, low) so he is sending me to specialist to make sure everything is okay.

I am not going to lie, it is a wee bit stressful. There are lots of things that can cause it, and thinking about it all the time isn't going to change anything so my plan is to cut back my long distance running to max 10km, keep up with my other fitness (yoga, spin once a week, weights), and focus on whole foods. I am also going to make an effort to increase my protein intake. I bought VegaOne Chocolate today and made a shake with Almond Milk. It was pretty good. Not awesome, but definitely yummier than other flavors I have tried. I am going to add in a shake with my breakfast. I also loaded up on some other protein-y sources like Hemp Hearts, Nutritional Yeast, and Yves products.

So back to the 1/2 Marathon - well, I am going to think about it for a few days but I may try to drop down to the 10km race instead. I also had to resign from the Duathlon in August (sad face) because I couldn't swap the shift at work. Boo-urns. My 3rd half marathon of the season is supposed to be the St. Albert one in September. I am still hoping to run that one, but I will hold off on registering until it gets a bit closer.

So I apologize for not being around to post. I will figure this whole work-blog-life-animals-exercise-boyfriend thing out soon.

I hope.