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Friday, July 20, 2012


2 weeks ago..

Yesterday!! Check out those Monstrosities that are Zucchini Plants in the back
BABIES!!!! Look at my little Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cayenne, and Cabbage kids :)
Yesterdays Harvest; Chard, Radishes, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Spinach

The Butternut didn't survive the move..
Oh yeah! I am officially a nurse now :)

Some worthy additions:
  1. Don't let the boyfriend plant 6 seeds of radishes/hole. They are aggressive growers and 6 seeds = no full radishes haha.
  2. Zucchini plants grow really big.. they started taking dominating the area where the butternut squash was planted so I dug him up as gently as I could and tried to move him. It was unsuccessful.
  3. Love my little florets that are growing - does anyone know how long they take to mature?
  4. Nothing yet with the Brussel Sprouts... any info?
  5. Spinach is tricky... maybe stick to lettuce next year.
  6. Buy a gardening book and have a better strategy for next year. We are going to have roughly 5 cabbage plants all ready at the same time.... anyone want an organic, locally grown cabbage? ;)
  7. To pair with our cabbage, we are going to have a giant 4in cayenne pepper.. spicy cabbages for all! (Its our only pepper that sprouted)
  8. Gardening is very rewarding. I am a proud plant mama.
  9. I got my CRNE certificate in the mail on Wednesday. I can officially register as an RN. I am a little unsure of the process though, so I am off to research that.
  10. Always appreciate your days off. I have gone on long walks, taken a yoga class, organized my paperwork, watched a movie (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; could NOT get in to the book but loved the movie!!), done some housework, and taken a bath. I am starting to feel refreshed.
  11. I like the Chocolate VegaOne powder that I bought. I mix it with coffee and Almond Milk in the mornings.
  12. Matthias comes home tomorrow. I miss him and his handy-man skills. I need him to fix the squeak in my elliptical that is driving me nuts and mow the lawn.
  13. I haven't counted calories since I moved (roughly 4 weeks ago).  I have been focusing on whole foods, and trying to limit sugary snacks. It is nice have certain temptations out of the house that my dad used to keep around regularly.
  14. I also haven't weighed myself since I moved as the scale I used was my dads. On my next pay day I will buy one. My measurements have all stayed the same.
Talk soon!