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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lacombe Half Marathon Recap

Last Sunday I ran the Lacombe Half Marathon.

I hadn't trained like I should have and considered not running it as I worked until midnight the night before, but the draw of another medal won me over and I woke up bright and early at 6am to get ready.

Pre-race German Pancakes, PB, Banana, and Coffee.

Got all numbered up. Oliver was excited for me.

Beautiful day - Perfect sunshine, slight wind, lovely.
25% run on trails. Trails are tricky and slow me down.

There were only about 35 other half marathoners - such a small run!! 2 women ran with there grey hounds. They squirted water in their mouths and everything. It was really cute to see. They said that there dogs had trained for marathon distance but it was hard to find events where they were allowed to participate.

Ducks crossing :)

Lakes to see.

Lots of walking ensued but I finished in about 2:25. Not my "best". Not my "worst". But I finished.

NO MEDALS. GAH. >:-/ This pissed me off.

Once I got over that I enjoyed the rest of the day with Work, Menchie's and Mucho Burrito, and Sore Hips.

CHECK OUT THESE ZUCCHINI's!! Oh-my-gosh. I am a garden mama :)
Matthias Took this Picture; What does he see in me? haha Crazy Hair, No Style; it has to be my sense of humor :)