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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Lack of Training

I am running the Lacombe Half Marathon in 11 days. I have been extremely inconsistent with my training as I was consumed with moving, graduating, working, ext.. Life just got in the way and I overlooked it. Usually I have a plan to do about 2-3 runs a week. Today was my first long run since, well.... the Woody's Half Marathon in May. Woops.

I have still been active with lifting weights, weekly spin class, and shorter runs (3-4miles). The longest run I have done in 3 weeks was 10km. Today I forced myself out of bed before the heat and headed out with a goal of 15km. Done and Done! When I first woke up I immediately noticed how sore my butt was (thank you very much Bulgarian Split Squats and Reverse Squats with a Reach Forward - more on my weights plan later - how many times am I going to say that before I ACTUALLY write a post on it!? Note to self - get on that.). I was going to make an excuse for myself and go back to bed and put it off until tomorrow. Then I let the pups out for their morning bathroom break and immediately knew today was the day. It was perfect weather - a little bit cloudy (just over the sun - the rest was blue sky) and it was cool enough to go out (it has been exremely hot over the last few days; no complaints here but any outdoor exercise must be held off until after 8pm or before 8am, a little difficult when you work till midnight every day).

I find that I have been making excuses to put off my early morning exercise because of work. I don't get to bed until about 1:30am and this means I want to sleep till at least 9am. Well if I do that then by the time I am ready to go for a run (10am) it is sweltering out. I am proud that I actually accomplished it today. Sore butt and all it was a good run! Not too fast - finished in 1hr 35min, but still fun. Rosie accompanied me for the first 8km but I brought her home because the sun came out and she is a black puppy. She was panting pretty good and has been asleep since.

Anyways, my plan is to do 2 more runs before the marathon - a 10km and an 8km. I will take my usual 2-3 days off of hard activity before the event. May not have a PR but will have a great time!