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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lacombe Half Marathon Recap

Last Sunday I ran the Lacombe Half Marathon.

I hadn't trained like I should have and considered not running it as I worked until midnight the night before, but the draw of another medal won me over and I woke up bright and early at 6am to get ready.

Pre-race German Pancakes, PB, Banana, and Coffee.

Got all numbered up. Oliver was excited for me.

Beautiful day - Perfect sunshine, slight wind, lovely.
25% run on trails. Trails are tricky and slow me down.

There were only about 35 other half marathoners - such a small run!! 2 women ran with there grey hounds. They squirted water in their mouths and everything. It was really cute to see. They said that there dogs had trained for marathon distance but it was hard to find events where they were allowed to participate.

Ducks crossing :)

Lakes to see.

Lots of walking ensued but I finished in about 2:25. Not my "best". Not my "worst". But I finished.

NO MEDALS. GAH. >:-/ This pissed me off.

Once I got over that I enjoyed the rest of the day with Work, Menchie's and Mucho Burrito, and Sore Hips.

CHECK OUT THESE ZUCCHINI's!! Oh-my-gosh. I am a garden mama :)
Matthias Took this Picture; What does he see in me? haha Crazy Hair, No Style; it has to be my sense of humor :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


2 weeks ago..

Yesterday!! Check out those Monstrosities that are Zucchini Plants in the back
BABIES!!!! Look at my little Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cayenne, and Cabbage kids :)
Yesterdays Harvest; Chard, Radishes, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Spinach

The Butternut didn't survive the move..
Oh yeah! I am officially a nurse now :)

Some worthy additions:
  1. Don't let the boyfriend plant 6 seeds of radishes/hole. They are aggressive growers and 6 seeds = no full radishes haha.
  2. Zucchini plants grow really big.. they started taking dominating the area where the butternut squash was planted so I dug him up as gently as I could and tried to move him. It was unsuccessful.
  3. Love my little florets that are growing - does anyone know how long they take to mature?
  4. Nothing yet with the Brussel Sprouts... any info?
  5. Spinach is tricky... maybe stick to lettuce next year.
  6. Buy a gardening book and have a better strategy for next year. We are going to have roughly 5 cabbage plants all ready at the same time.... anyone want an organic, locally grown cabbage? ;)
  7. To pair with our cabbage, we are going to have a giant 4in cayenne pepper.. spicy cabbages for all! (Its our only pepper that sprouted)
  8. Gardening is very rewarding. I am a proud plant mama.
  9. I got my CRNE certificate in the mail on Wednesday. I can officially register as an RN. I am a little unsure of the process though, so I am off to research that.
  10. Always appreciate your days off. I have gone on long walks, taken a yoga class, organized my paperwork, watched a movie (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; could NOT get in to the book but loved the movie!!), done some housework, and taken a bath. I am starting to feel refreshed.
  11. I like the Chocolate VegaOne powder that I bought. I mix it with coffee and Almond Milk in the mornings.
  12. Matthias comes home tomorrow. I miss him and his handy-man skills. I need him to fix the squeak in my elliptical that is driving me nuts and mow the lawn.
  13. I haven't counted calories since I moved (roughly 4 weeks ago).  I have been focusing on whole foods, and trying to limit sugary snacks. It is nice have certain temptations out of the house that my dad used to keep around regularly.
  14. I also haven't weighed myself since I moved as the scale I used was my dads. On my next pay day I will buy one. My measurements have all stayed the same.
Talk soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scheduled OT, Running, and Life

I've got some scheduled OT at the Remand Center during the next few days, as well as my regular Evening Shifts at the Hospital. Helloooooo $$$. I figure it is best to get it in now that Matthias is in BC fishing than to try and do it while he is home. I already hardly see the guy, so I like to schedule as much time to him as I can ;)

I am supposed to be running the Lacombe 1/2 Marathon this weekend. But due to some recent health issues I am second guessing my participation in the long distance run. You see, I haven't had my period for 6 months (since going off the pill). I know, I know, lots of people have this problem and they say it comes back naturally and over time. I have gone off the pill before though (when I was still heavier) and it came back within 2 months. I went and saw my Dr. and he sent me for an ultrasound and blood work (to check my hormones and such). Well the hormones are all good and the ultrasound is all good. But my White Cell Count was slightly low (2.7, normal is above 4). He sent me for repeat blood work 2 weeks later and although it was up a bit (2.9) it is still below the normal limit. I have had a fluctuating white cell count over the last few years (low, normal, low, normal, low, baseline normal, low, low) so he is sending me to specialist to make sure everything is okay.

I am not going to lie, it is a wee bit stressful. There are lots of things that can cause it, and thinking about it all the time isn't going to change anything so my plan is to cut back my long distance running to max 10km, keep up with my other fitness (yoga, spin once a week, weights), and focus on whole foods. I am also going to make an effort to increase my protein intake. I bought VegaOne Chocolate today and made a shake with Almond Milk. It was pretty good. Not awesome, but definitely yummier than other flavors I have tried. I am going to add in a shake with my breakfast. I also loaded up on some other protein-y sources like Hemp Hearts, Nutritional Yeast, and Yves products.

So back to the 1/2 Marathon - well, I am going to think about it for a few days but I may try to drop down to the 10km race instead. I also had to resign from the Duathlon in August (sad face) because I couldn't swap the shift at work. Boo-urns. My 3rd half marathon of the season is supposed to be the St. Albert one in September. I am still hoping to run that one, but I will hold off on registering until it gets a bit closer.

So I apologize for not being around to post. I will figure this whole work-blog-life-animals-exercise-boyfriend thing out soon.

I hope.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Lack of Training

I am running the Lacombe Half Marathon in 11 days. I have been extremely inconsistent with my training as I was consumed with moving, graduating, working, ext.. Life just got in the way and I overlooked it. Usually I have a plan to do about 2-3 runs a week. Today was my first long run since, well.... the Woody's Half Marathon in May. Woops.

I have still been active with lifting weights, weekly spin class, and shorter runs (3-4miles). The longest run I have done in 3 weeks was 10km. Today I forced myself out of bed before the heat and headed out with a goal of 15km. Done and Done! When I first woke up I immediately noticed how sore my butt was (thank you very much Bulgarian Split Squats and Reverse Squats with a Reach Forward - more on my weights plan later - how many times am I going to say that before I ACTUALLY write a post on it!? Note to self - get on that.). I was going to make an excuse for myself and go back to bed and put it off until tomorrow. Then I let the pups out for their morning bathroom break and immediately knew today was the day. It was perfect weather - a little bit cloudy (just over the sun - the rest was blue sky) and it was cool enough to go out (it has been exremely hot over the last few days; no complaints here but any outdoor exercise must be held off until after 8pm or before 8am, a little difficult when you work till midnight every day).

I find that I have been making excuses to put off my early morning exercise because of work. I don't get to bed until about 1:30am and this means I want to sleep till at least 9am. Well if I do that then by the time I am ready to go for a run (10am) it is sweltering out. I am proud that I actually accomplished it today. Sore butt and all it was a good run! Not too fast - finished in 1hr 35min, but still fun. Rosie accompanied me for the first 8km but I brought her home because the sun came out and she is a black puppy. She was panting pretty good and has been asleep since.

Anyways, my plan is to do 2 more runs before the marathon - a 10km and an 8km. I will take my usual 2-3 days off of hard activity before the event. May not have a PR but will have a great time!

Monday, July 9, 2012

22 Accomplishments

Hello friends! Today is my 22nd Birthday. While I am off at work, here is a list of 22 things I have accomplished over the years!

22 Accomplishments;
  1. Became a Dance Teacher
  2. Dog and Kitty Mother
  3. Met my soul mate
  4. Became President of the Nursing Society
  5. Worked at Starbucks
  6. Graduated Nursing School
  7. Got a Full Time Job
  8. Bought a Car
  9. Bought a House
  10. Traveled for Nursing Across the country
  11. Lose weight
  12. Become a Runner
  13. Ran 2 Half Marathons
  14. Became a Vegetarian
  15. Found my Passion in Nursing
  16. Gain 139 awesome Blog Readers
  17. Become future orientated and consistently strive for improvement
  18. Having an optimistic attitude
  19. Overcome Binge Eating
  20. Feeling confident and self assured
  21. Growing a Garden
  22. Learn(ing) to Rollerblade
Have a happy and hot Monday!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A House Tour

Welcome to the House of Matthias, Amie, Tucker, Rosie, Olivia, and Oliver!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Somebody pinch me.

I am laying here, in my new master bedroom, with my kitties cuddled up to me and my puppies on the floor. I have already seen Matthias off to work but seeing as the room turns in to a cave when the blinds and curtains are closed, I decided to come back to bed to lay in the light and wake up a bit more.

Last night was our 3rd sleep in the new house.

Its been crazy. Its been busy. Its been exhausting.

Rewind to Friday. We had already partially loaded up the trailer so we headed in to Matthias' storage unit to begin emptying it. We got a call from the realtor and were to meet them at the house for 1pm. We filled the storage and left with just the right amount of time to drive out to BF (Blackfalds). The house was even better than I remembered it to be!! The previous owners left it so clean and they had all of our keys organized and everything written up for our sprinkler system. They even had 2 Corona's out for us! Lovely. :)

It didn't really sink in as we unpacked the first trailer of stuff. We headed back in to pick up the dining room table, load up the rest of the storage stuff, and buy some new home essentials (garbage can, bags, tin foil lol). Then we headed back to my Dad's house so I could re-load my car with all of our food and last minute stuff. From there we headed back out, this time joined by my Dad and Kevin (Matthias' BFF). They helped us unload while I started to unpack. I ordered Pizza for everyone and tried to make some kind of organization happen. While they guys set up the living room, I continued to unpack. Pizza was eaten. My dad went home after that and Matthias and Kevin started to set up the Table and Chairs. I put together the spare bedroom and bathroom because they were the least overwhelming of the rooms.

Exhausted, Matthias and I finally found our bed at Midnight. We woke up the next morning after an only "okay" sleep. The duvet cover was new, the room was new, it almost felt like sleeping in a hotel room.

I went to my dads to load up one last time (Nursing Books and Closet Clothes) and then bought some Coffee and headed "home" once again.

Organizing the kitchen was very, very overwhelming. I had no idea where to even start. It was really hard to make decisions about where to put stuff because I wanted it to "flow" right. Does that make sense? :S Anyway, Shaw came and set up the cable, Internet was connected, and I spent all. of. Saturday. organizing the kitchen. Matthias worked on his part of the bedroom, finishing up the Dining room table (putting together chairs is quite the process) and putting together our patio set. He also organized the internet and entertainment stuff and started organizing his Man Cave. We took a coffee break at about 3pm and sat out on the porch and enjoyed the nice weather for 30min. Then we headed in to RD to price out Dog Doors and buy a few more groceries. Back at home we made supper and hung pictures. We called it quits then, and I convinced Matthias to go rollerblading with me and the dogs. HAH. I promised him lots of laughs, and I delivered. I am horrible on roller blades!! We found a newly developed area with no houses built an roller bladed on the street with the dogs for about half an hour. It was lots of fun!

Sunday Matthias headed back to work and I got up bright and early to finish my part of the bedroom (clothes and such) and the rest of the upstairs finishing touches. Went to the Dog Park with the pups for a glorious walk, came home and made a quick lunch, and then headed to the garden to weed.

Weeding the garden took me 2.5hours. It was pretty bad. But we have lots of good produce growing so it was worth it! Check out this sunburn from me bending over and my shirt showing my back!
Still in my PJ's :)
OUCH! Well after the garden was all weeded, I came home and Matthias was done work so we made supper. Then we worked on organizing the office downstairs, hanging more pictures, and finally sat down to watch True Blood and the new HBO show The Newsroom, which is SUPER funny, I like it a lot!

3rd night in the house was the best sleep yet.

It is still surreal, and it doesn't really feel like home yet, but it is coming.

I haven't done any "real" exercise in the last 4 days but I feel sore like I have been!! Either way I am headed to the Gym before work for some strength training and then I have an hour long spin class tomorrow. Back to a routine me thinks! Next half marathon is in 19 days!