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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Furbabies

I love my pets. Like a lot.
We often joke that Oliver is the black sheep of the family and that no one like him. He is demanding when he wants to cuddle, mean when he wants to be left alone, and terrified of our dogs. He always runs away from them and the dogs think this is him wanting to play - so they chase him. We also believe that he is transgendered/homosexual. Not that it is a bad thing or anything, but his meow is so girly. He also just acts like a girl - being temperamental and crass. Regardless of these traits, he makes me happy. He is (almost) always down for a good cuddle and his mannerisms are original.
The queen of the house. Olivia, our first child, is spoiled. We let her do whatever she wants. She greets us outside whenever we come home with a loud meow and a flop on to her back so we can pet her belly. She eats her feelings and can almost always be found on the counter at her dish. She is noisy, always, and I mean ALWAYS purring. When we had her fixed the vet techs said that she purred through the needle, and continued to purr until she fell asleep. She has her mama's attitude and glares when she doesn't get what she wants.
Tucker and Rosie
Tucker, our first dog child, turned 3 on the 13th. We celebrated by buying him a new Harley Davidson collar and a can of wet dog food - Salmon flavored - that he and Rosie went crazy over. He gives me love nibbles on my chin, rubs his hips on low branches at the dog park making a gruff growl-like sound, and wiggles his bum so hard when we come home. He howls when Rosie gets him riled up, and although he has a deep scary bark, his bum is shaking excitedly when anyone comes to the door. He makes me smile, laugh, and brings me so so so much happiness. He is well-mannered and polite, and is an old man at heart going to bed every night at 8pm - he is always passed out on our bed at this time.

Rosie, the newest member of our family, is rambunctious, sweet, and well-mannered. She loves to bug her big brother by biting his legs and herding him around the yard. At the dog park she runs and literally leaps in to all the ponds so that she can go for a swim. She loves being wet and doesn't shake off when she gets out of the water dripping EVERYWHERE. She loves bones, stuff toys, and being a thief, taking stuff outside. She listens really well, and although she still has a border collie puppy brain, she will be close to the perfect dog when she settles down a little bit.

Our pets bring us so much happiness.

Do you have a special pet or memories of a pet?