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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hustle For Hunger Recap - My first run in the Rain!

I am not a fan of running in the elements - wind, snow, rain. I like it to be sunny, warm, and mild. This morning when I woke up to cloudy, dreary skies, I was praying that the rain would stay at bay.

Please note the rain. Yuck.
I ate my usual running breakfast - coffee, toast, banana, peanut butter. I felt okay. Still a little sore from Yoga the other night, but nothing too bad. I got dressed and threw on a long sleeve shirt because it looked gross outside. I left my raincoat at home and headed out.

Sure enough, as I merged on to the highway, the rain started. Grrreeeeaaaattt. So I called Matthias to meet me at Heritage Ranch (the start/finish line) with my coat. Thank goodness he was nice enough to come :)

So, the rain continued, but at least I was dry. I headed to the washrooms and then tried to stay dry under the trees until the start.

I had a goal in mind: Run a sub-hour 10km. I honestly didn't think I could do it in the weather.

My GPS watch takes about 3 minutes to link with satellites. Good thing I turned it on in time. NOT. So I was without GPS watch.

Grrreeeeaaaatttt. I started running and decided I would just push as hard as I could so I could just get it done. I had payed for the registration. I might as well finish it.

Pre-Run Glare
I was surprised that they had water stations every 2.5km. Nice Surprise. :) I finally took off my hood cause it was pulling at my sunglasses in a funny way, and just kept running. Brief walking breaks at each water station, and a minute long walk at the 7th km. I ran the rest, and tried to just keep up with the person in front of me. I kept turning around and no one was behind me. There was no way I was last? I felt like I was keeping a decent pace. Oh well.

Pushed forward and then saw the time on the clock: 56min. You had to run through the finish line twice to make it a full 10km so I ran through at 56min, ran around the parking lot picking up my speed and pushing hard. I rounded the corner again and saw the time: 58min! YES. I started running even faster - finished in 58:42. The time made the shitty weather worthwhile :)

Of course - it is worth noting that the weather has since turned around and it is sunny outside right now. Thanks a bunch Mama Nature.