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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Extend Nutrition

Extend Nutrition contacted me recently to collaborate on a guest post. I have received requests like these in the past and have been skeptical to accept as a lot of them are scams. After searching the Extend Website I was definitely intrigued. As someone who has suffered from Hypoglycemic Attacks in the past, keeping my blood sugar regular is very important to me.
Extend Nutrition offered to send me some samples of their products and I can't wait to tell you all about them! They are actually very tasty, high in protein and fiber, and help to keep blood sugar stable.

Some History:
"Since the Extend Nutrition formula was originally invented in a home kitchen, our line of products has come a very long way. While working to find a solution to prevent hypoglycemia in some of her patients with diabetes, Dr. Francine Kaufman, M.D. came up with a unique formula that she believed could help control blood sugar for longer than anything available on the market.

Her formula was put to the test in six different clinical studies and has indeed proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours, a feat unparalleled by other competing products. Extend Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Crisps and Drizzles are some of the most progressive, genuinely beneficial snacks on the market and are now available in countries around the world.

Extend Nutrition was founded in 2000 as Extend Snacks and has grown into a popular line of unique snack products that all feature an industry-leading blood sugar control advantage. Now found in Target, Walgreens and many other retail outlets, Extend Nutrition snacks are affordable, accessible, and effective solutions for diabetes management and responsible snacking." (source)
Extend Nutrition is targeted to help those who are managing their diabetes, watching their weight, health nuts, people interested in fitness, and those who are always on the go.

Why Should You Try It?
"Made with a unique, low-glycemic formula, Extend Nutrition products are the only snacks clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours; much longer than any other snack on the market. Developed originally for people with diabetes, our products are the superior choice for healthy snacking and have benefits for everybody." (source)

Typical snacks cause a blood sugar spike
Extend Nutrition products help to control blood sugar for up to 9 hours

Typical snacks metabolize over a 1-2 hour period, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar. The body responds by releasing insulin to drive blood sugar back down.

When your blood sugar drops and you feel cravings, an unhealthy snack can restart the 'spike crash crave' cycle by triggering the insulin response..

The low-glycemic carbs in Extend Nutrition metabolize gradually so stable energy reaches your body for up to 6 hours during the day and 9 hours at night.

No blood sugar spikes or insulin response; you'll avoid the old 'spike-crash-crave' cycle and regain control of your blood sugar.

Extend Nutrition makes Bars, Crisps, Drizzles, and Shakes! They were kind enough to send me this box of goodies:

I was so excited!! I immediately ripped open the Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight Bar. I split it with my 13 year old sister in the car. I didn't tell her anything before I let her try it. The verdict? "It tastes like Reece's!" she exclaimed. I agreed. As a Peanut Butter/Chocolate enthusiast, this surpassed my expectations. I have tried many-a-protein bar, and this easily comes out as one of my favorites. At only 110 calories and 11g of protein, it didn't have that gritty-protein-y flavor many comparable bars have. I would definitely eat this again.

When I got home I looked a little closer. The company also sent me a pamphlet with great ideas on how to use the snacks in other ways (eg. Making slushies, smoothies, using the bars crumbled on oatmeal, Um, Hello Yummy Breakfast, making puddings, ext...). All the suggestions are Diabetic Friendly and Low Carb. They also had a conversion chart to show how the products translated to other programs such as Weight Watchers.

After supper I was wanting a little something sweet so I tried out the Extend Caramel Drizzles. They are very similar to the Quaker Mini Drizzles, however their nutritional profile boasts 6g of Fiber and 6g of Protein and only 130 calories. They were larger than Quaker Mini's and had a generous amount of Caramel on each. They weren't spongy at all. Nice and crispy! Another product I would definitely eat again. The chocolate ones were equally as delicious.

I must say... I am not a fan of "shakes". Maybe it is something about the texture? I dunno. Matthias said it tasted okay, but we both agreed that these are MUCH better in smoothie form with some milk and frozen fruit. Okay. So I lied. These powders make the BEST smoothies I have ever had. Oh my god. I didn't like them at all shaken with water or milk, but blended with a frozen banana, blueberries, and some almond milk was divine. With 15g of protein and 100 calories these kept me full for a while.

The crisps were probably my least favorite thing, but that is because sweet > savory. I liked the cinnamon flavor more than the white cheddar.

As a member of the health care profession, I have seen first hand the effects of uncontrolled diet, inactivity, Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), obesity, and heart disease. I am not a registered dietician, but I do recommend these products as an excellent substitution.

Needless to say - I am not on the hunt for Extend Products in Canada. Anyone know where I might be able to pick these up?