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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIAW - Its a Rainy Day

Good day! I have been working lots and lots, which is nice, but also throws me out of a routine. I am going to have to get used to preparing supper for 2 (I like to make Matthias something healthy and satisfying for when he is done work) even though I will be at work myself by the time he is done and home for the night.

Oh! That's right - I suppose I should give an update on the Job Sitch. I told my Remand Manager and she was really good about it. I am finishing up my orientation there and will stay on the roster for casual shifts, once I get my full license (beginning of August) we will see whether I will stay on or not. I also start my Mental Health Orientation on Monday! Nice :) The position is full time Evenings (hence the switch up of routine) but I will get used to it. I generally like the evening shift, I feel like I get lots done during the day because I am up by 8am latest. It will just be different coming home to an already sleeping Matthias. We will adjust.

Here are my delicious food choices for today:
Breakfast; Peanut Butter Cheerios that I purchased on Ebay with Almond milk and Banana
Snack After the Gym; City Roast Monkey's Lunch Mocha - 1/2 skim chocolate milk, 1/2 coffee, no whip (It has a mix of Banana and Kahlua syrup - yum)
Lunch; I don't generally like frozen meals, but I like to try them at least once, especially if they are "healthier" versions. This is the PC Blue Menu Mac and 3 Cheese with mixed in frozen peas. It was just ok.
Snack; Apple
Supper; Huge Salad with Newman's Light Olive Oil Dressing
Snack Numero 3; Cut up, almost past it's prime peach, Square of Chocolate and Carrots to munch at work