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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Race Recap: Woody's 2012 Half Marathon!

Why Hello There!

I ran a half marathon this morning! I was slightly worried about this race and my time as getting my wisdom teeth out pretty much knocked me out of training for 3 weeks. I knew I would be able to finish the distance, but my goal of getting around 2:15 (shaving 15min off my first 1/2) was questionable.

Race Day Breakfast: Toast with Banana, 1 slice with Dark Chocolate Dreams, 1 slice with PB, Coffee on the side
Race Eats: 1 Running Ball (a variation of these), Sharkies, and a Pre-Race GU. I actually forgot the GU at home but Danielle shared one with me!

I think I'm ready? See that stupid water bottle? Yeah, it bounced, A LOT. I am on the hunt for a belt that isn't bulky that can hold just one bottle. Any suggestions?

Left the house at 6:50 to pick up Danielle :) We headed to the start, promptly used the port-o-potties, and got ready to run!

Danielle had trained with the Running Room for this half marathon. It was her first one and girlfriend totally killed it!
We started out and I knew by the km #3 that I wouldn't be able to pace with Danielle, that speedy gazelle! I slowed my pace and decided to instead focus on the beautiful scenery. This run is absolutely gorgeous. We run by the Red Deer River, over to Heritage Ranch, and through some of Red Deers Parks. Loved it.

Here is a breakdown of my km's:
1-3 - Danielle is fast, I keep up but know I won't be able to, FAACK, this water bottle is annoying, abandon water bottle
3-10 - Woah, I am at the 10th km already!?
11 - Ouch, the outside of my left foot is starting to have a dull ache (which happened to continue to the end of the run haha), eat my running ball
12 - Hello Lindsey!
14 - CRAMP. Forced to alternate walking and running a bit.
15 - I wonder what my time is? (I don't run with a watch) I only have 6km left! I can totally do this.
17 - Eat more Sharkies, drink more water (I think I may have overdone it with the water this race as I have felt unusually full all day and felt stuffed after the race)
19 - I can see the finish line area, only 2km left.
20 - Walk a bit (that darn hill is coming up)
21.3 - FINISH: 2:15:31

What a pleasant surprise! I paced myself perfectly. I didn't feel too sore. I could have probably kept going. Lovely.
My dad and Matthias were there to watch.

Went to Cora for Brunch after, I was so full (weird) so I only ate about half of my Fruit Crunch.

Home, Nap, Shower, Gatorade, Great Day!