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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Navigating the Job Market

Okay. So I just graduated. I am about 40g's in debt. I just bought a house.

I don't have a regular job.........

Stressful. No?

I was originally hired to work casual on the Maternity Unit at my hospital. I quickly realized that this was something I just did not want to do, so I resigned before my orientation started. Jobless.

I interviewed at lots of places. Red Deer Hospital Mental Health, Child/Adolescent Mental Health, Ponoka, Remand Center, Ponoka again.

I didn't get the first 3 jobs, but the interviews went well. Red Deer Mental Health and Ponoka both told me to apply for future postings, which I did.

Remand .... interview didn't go so well. There was one point at which I thought I may start crying because I felt like such a green nurse. Well lo-and-behold, I got a call back for a tour and was offered a casual position. Of course I accepted. I didn't have a job.

I got the call back for my second interview in Ponoka and interviewed on Monday. It went well.

I started at the Remand on Tuesday. I like it there. It is definitely intimidating but I think it will be a great place to gain experience. But it's casual.... and casual doesn't pay the bills. Casual is tricky. It can be great at some places that always have shifts, and awesome for people who want to pick and choose how and when they work. It is not so great for places where there are hardly any shifts (I have heard this about the Remand) and for people who NEED money (like myself).

So la-dee-da, I went about the last 2 days orientating. It is going good so far. But I found out I can't work without another RN being present (as I don't have a license, just a temporary permit) until I get my CRNE results (end of July/beginning of August). That limits my availability for shifts to weekdays... Not great for someone who needs to work if there are limited shifts already.

I got a phone call from the Red Deer Mental Health at the hospital. Offered a full time (temporary for 1 year) evenings position. SHIT.

Of course I want full time work. In mental health. At the hospital in my city. Under a great Manager. Of course.

I am one who considers everyone when I make a decision and I often feel bad putting myself first. My first reaction? Well if I work full time then I can't pick up any shifts at the Remand unless they agree to pay me over time. I am not sure if the Remand center is cool with that. I don't have a problem working on my days off, or working doubles. Hell I am young without a family. I will work whenever I can so that I can pay off my loans faster and save up for home stuff and vacations with Matthias.

I told the MH manager that I was hired casually. He said he was just leaving work and that he would think about it tonight and get back to me tomorrow about what we might be able to do. DOUBLE SHIT. Did I just fuck up getting a full time position?

So I thought about it. I feel such guilt going in to orientation tomorrow and being like "Sorry guys... I just got another job" but I also realize that I couldn't have predicted it. So I called back the MH manager and left him a message saying "I accept I accept I accept!!!!!! Please don't give the job away." Okay. Might not have been in those terms, but you get the point.

Tomorrow I must do something I hate, absolutely despise, doing. Letting someone down. I am going to be strong and tell my Remand manager that I was offered an accepted the full time position. I don't know if that means I will be let go? I don't want it to, but I also know that I need to do what is right for myself, and that is having a regular work schedule.

So now I am in a funky limbo again. I have to wait to talk to the Mental Health manager to confirm that I can still have that position. Once I do that then I have to buck up and talk to my Remand manager and hope that she will be willing to keep me casual. I wish this were easier.

Have you you ever had a situation where you felt lost in your job field? Any advise for me?

Okay. Onto the food:

Breakfast; My one and only Raspberry Thumbprint Scone of the year (another post on my 'Bucks love affair to come later), and a Grande Soy Coffee Misto with Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
Snack; Banana
Lunch; Veggies, Laughing Cow Cheese, Wasa Bread, Yogurt and Granola
Snack; Pear and Iced Coffee (not pictured!)
Supper; Frozen McCain Ultra Thin Pizza (Best Frozen Pizza I have ever had) and Salad
Dessert; A Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich from Superstore. Thanks Lindsey. I'm hooked. I blame you :P

So I took pictures and tried to send em' to my email through my phone but the email hasn't come through yet. So try and visualize the deliciousness! :)

Okay. I am off to shower, relax (*cough* study *cough*) and hope everything works out. Please keep my job situation in your thoughts :)