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Friday, May 25, 2012

My New Running Gadget

Up until now I have been a fairly technology-free runner. Sure I use my Ipod, but I have never worn a GPS watch or paced myself. Sometimes I wouldn't even time myself. I was more focused on the experience of running, the joy from it. The more I run (and I finally feel "back in to it" after my wisdom teeth surgery and complications) the more I get curious about my speed. Especially with my recent success, I am hoping to try and one day do a sub 2hr 1/2 and then move on to a full marathon. I think these are both relatively attainable goals. However if I am going to learn about pacing myself more I need the tools to help me do that.

Enter the Nike+ SportWatch GPS.
I researched for hours what type of watch I should buy. The Garmin led the pack for the majority of my search, followed by the Nike+, but the bulkiness of the Garmin finally got to me. Plus: the Nike+ is green. Of course I needed to buy it.

Today was the initial "test run" hehe. I enjoyed it very much! I hardly noticed the watch (it didn't feel all funny) on my wrist, and it's large screen is easy to read. It even said "Great First Run" when I finished :) Thank you GPS Watch, Thank you very much.

It does take about 2min to connect to sattelites, and it offers a Nike+ Shoe Pod that is compatible with Nike+ shoes in case the GPS cuts out, but I am not too concerned right now about that because I don't want to get all caught up in the pace-game. I just would like a rough estimate of my speed as I am going and then will work on it from there. So far, this watch seems to do all that and more.

Do you run with Gadgets? I am still in the need of a good and unbulky hydration system. Any suggestions?