healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food

7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food Find ways to comfort, nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food. Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, anger are emotions we all experience throughout life. Each has its own trigger, and each has its own appeasement. Food won't fix any of these feelings. It may comfort for the short term, distract from the pain, or even numb you into a food hangover. But food won't solve the problem. If anything, eating for an emotional hunger will only make you feel worse in the long run. You'll ultimately have to deal with the source of the emotion, as well as the discomfort of overeating. (source)
I used to eat my feelings. I used to go to McDonalds, buy a Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Large Fries, and McChicken Sauce (and sometimes a McChicken Burger) and eat it all. I would do this after a fight with my mother, after feeling like a failure from stepping on the scale, or simply because I was bored and wanted something to do.

Boredom was a huge barrier to my weight loss. I would eat until I was stuffed beyond belief, where it hurt to just move from the couch to the bed and do absolutely. nothing. at. all. Looking back on the quality of life I had, I feel sad that I let myself get to that point. Many hours were spent wasted in front of the TV mindlessly watching shows I didn't even like. Many days passed by with no physical activity. I let myself get there. There is no one to blame but myself.

I have a lot of family issues. Problems with my mom. An absent biological father. I could go on, but why bother? I spent years blaming my eating on these things. It was pointless. The problem lied within myself. One of the greatest pieces of advice I learned is "You can't change the actions of those around you, but you can chose how to handle it and how to respond." I truly live my life by that statement now. I can't change my mothers drinking, I can't change the fact that it drove my father to not wanting to have a relationship with me. I can change how my future will turn out. I can focus on healthy living, having a career, putting time and effort into the relationships that matter to me. These things will make me a happier person. These things will bring me a sense of fulfillment that Big Mac's never could.