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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday - Wisdome Teeth Surgery Edition

Hi! So I got my wisdom teeth out this morning. Liquid diet for me today, soft foods (oatmeal and hard boiled eggs) added in tomorrow. I was quite nervous about being put to sleep but it was very quick. They game me some Medazolam, and I literally started giggling. That's all I remember until I sat up in the recovery room. I felt fine in recovery. And to be honest (knock on wood) I have felt fine all day. My jaw is a little sore, the back of my mouth feels weird (I can feel the holes slightly), and my throat hurts a wee bit (from the Intubation). I would say that because of my strict pain medication schedule (which I plan to keep up for the next 2 days, but reducing the T3's to 1, and lowering the Toradol to Ibuprofen ES then Regular), at this moment, I have no pain. Discomfort? Yeah. But pain? Nope. This doesn't even compare to the sciatica I felt last summer. Now THAT was pain.

I found it funny that they would reccomend you go home and eat ice cream as your first meal and chocolate milk with every T3 (to reduce nausea). My dad took me to Booster Juice right after and I ordered a Pomegranate Punch and a Green Hornet Juice. Ice-Cream-Shmice-Cream haha. Just because I can't eat solid food doesn't mean I need to be unhealthy!

Here is a look at today's drinks:
Breakfast/Snack: Booster Juice Pomegranate Punch
Lunch: Booster Juice Green Hornet
Snack: Vietnamese Iced Coffee (thanks dad!) and Jello (not very vegetarian of me, but I was starved)
Supper: V8 Broccoli Parmesan Soup
Dessert: Frozen Banana Blended with a splash of almond milk, 1tbsp PB2 and a Cookie Dough Ball
Feeling Hungry at 9pm: 1/4c Plain Yogurt mixed with finely chopped super duper ripe Mango

Going to blend my oats in the morning with spinach. Think this will result in a smoothie like texture?