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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Duathlon Training

Hey, remember that Duathlon I thoughtfully spontaneously signed up for last fall? Yeah. That one. Well! Today I officially started my "training" for it. I am not really following any particular plan.. I just plan to gradually increase my mileage, and do one - two brick work outs a week.

Brick workouts (for those who don't know) are a back-to-back workout of Running and Cycling. Today I did my first mini-brick. I ran 3.5km in 18min, and immediately following attended an hour long spin class. I pushed myself. Hard. By the end (57min) I had rode 21.5km.

That means that on top of the already challenging (but super kick A$$) workout I did today, I will need to bike an additional 18.5km (almost another hour), and then run 10km. Plus, I will need to do the first 3.5km in the trails (increasing the difficulty, aka lowering my time), and face whatever weather elements I am presented with. Clearly a spontaneous decision. Oh yeah! And the day before I will be doing the Spartan Race... so I will clearly be rested and ready to uh... give it my all? Not like I should have signed up for the Sprint Duathlon or anything... Go Big or Go Home. Full Distance for this gal.

But I do well with spontaneous (Decision to go Veg... 10km run... 1/2 marathon, all come to mind as spontaneous choices), so I imagine with a little lot of hard work and some buckets of sweat I will cross the finish line last, and that's all that matters ;)