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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday [4] and SWIMMING

I call this a win... Charlie Sheen Style. 2 Weeks in a row of WIAW
Earl Grey Vanilla, Banana, 1/4c Barbara's Spoonfuls and 3/4c Fibre Fit, 1c Almond Milk
Raw Veg and Beet and Fennel Salad from Planet Organic
1/2 Coffee, 1/2 Mint Chocolate Latte from Bogani's

Apple and Jello (only ate 1/2 of each), Green Leaf and Bean Sprouts topped with Tabouli Salad from Planet Organic
.... x2
....... x2

As you can see, my day started off superbly in the healthy eating spectrum.. Then I went to clinical. Darn chocolate. Like come on. Anyone have any great tips on how to say no to work treats?

I also tried out a new work out last night ... Lane Swimming! I took swimming lessons when I was younger, but I think I only made it up to level 8 before quitting? Needless to say, I can swim, but not that good. I googled pool etiquette, bought a one piece and goggles, and looked up how to properly swim the front stroke. Looked easy enough... I knew the hardest part would be the breathing. I was right.

Basically I swam for 40 minutes with my head out of the water haha. I tried to properly breathe out under water once and ended up sinking, having to ridiculously splash my way back to the surface. I am sure I looked like a fool. I started out in the slow lane (as per proper etiquette because I well... suck) and there were like 5 Asian men in the pool talking to each other in an unknown language. They just hung out at the wall and talked, sporadically swimming a lane here and there. NOT proper etiquette. I got so fed up with it that I asked a life guard what to do and they advised me to switch to a Medium lane, where I proceeded to be passed, over... and over... and over again. I felt pretty wobbly when I got out of the pool, a sign that I assume means I worked hard (hard to tell in a pool lol), and figured a few minutes in the hot tub was a good idea. Took off my goggles and hopped in.

I sort of noticed people looking at me... but not really. Like it was a subconscious thing if that makes any sense? Anyways, I attributed it to them watching my ridiculous swimming. After getting to the change room (and being met by more looks from people) I finally looked at myself in the mirror.

HAH. I wore my goggles too tight. I hard dark red rings around my eyes. Made for a good laugh. No wonder people stared.

I really like swimming and being in the water. I just really REALLY need practice on breathing.

Any tips on how to become a better lane swimmer and be more confident with breathing?