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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting Faster! Getting Stronger!

I am going to give an update of my fitness and how I am staying active in my home away from home. It hasn't been an easy month, and I have had to get creative, but all in all it is good, and I am pleased with how I am feeling.

I did my 13km run on Sunday. I am quite a bit faster this year, and I am looking forward to pushing myself hard (but not too hard!) during racing season. By the way, is it racing season yet?! I am SO so so excited for spring, summer, and fall runs, bike rides, and walks, that winter is just dragging on and on and on. Am I alone in this feeling? Probably doesn't help that we just got a bazillion inches of snow.

Like I said above - quite a bit faster! I am not sure (?) if I posed this in a previous entry but 2 weeks ago I ran a PR for 10km! 57:11. WOO! So proud of myself. I also did 12.5km outside in a mini blizzard (t'was warm) in about 73 min! Which is great :) When I started running my go-to speed was 5.0 (12 min mile). I can now comfortably run at 6.0 (10 min mile) and am working my way up to 6.5 (9:13 min mile)! Yahoo!!! Goals for this summer include running as many 10k's as I can fit in, 3 half marathons, and the Spartan Race in Calgary!

Unfortunately it has taken a back seat right now, with me being in Edmonton and the amount of snow on the ground. Will resume once I buy a pass for Terwilliger Recreational Center in March, as well as when the snow melts and I can take the ol' pedal bike out.

Oh, how I long for milder weather. I love to walk, and I take advantage of it every warm-ish opportunity I get!

Working on it! I try to do 15 reps and 3 sets of various exercises (focusing on different muscle groups) each time I am at the gym. Today I did 45min on the elliptical and abs. I am also working on my chest/shoulder strength by doing pushups. Right now I can do 5 full, proper form pushups. Pathetic right? I am doing 3-4 proper pushups, 3-5(ish) times a day to build my strength in this area. I am hoping that more back strength will help to correct my terrible posture.

Insanity and Other Fitness
Well, Insanity got boring, really fricken quickly. I will do a work out here and there, but once I buy my pass for Terwilliger it's doubtful I will do it unless I have no other fitness options. It is just too repetitive for me. Definitely a good workout, but it is not fun, and why would anyone put themselves through something they don't enjoy? So my bro lives like 3 minutes from a brand spankin new rec center. It costs 10.50$/drop in, or $70 for the month. I am totes buying a month pass for March because I will be spending a lot of time here! That way I can use their running track, swimming pool, weight and cardio room (with all brand new equipment!), and plethora of fitness classes! This will make fitness easy peasy while I am here, because lets face it, I miss the gym, and home work outs just don't do it for me.

To stay active I have done anything possible to move my body. I downloaded a LOT of free 20 minute yoga classes from Yoga Download, I have been trying to do this 4x week. I am also getting in my 6 days of exercise, and it has generally been running, 1-2 classes, 1-2 home workout, and swimming. The home work out days are the hardest, but I have been trying to save as much money as possible, so I have only been to the rec center a handful of times.

Expect a terrible (but delicious) and very un-nutritious (but ..... delicious) What I Ate Wednesday tomorrow! I am going to a luncheon (with unknown food) for clinical and it's my sisters Birthday Party. We are riding in a limo after school (read: pop chips and pretzel M&M's) and then going out for pizza (read: MMMMMmmm). I also made her cake pop's so I am going to enjoy one of those! Hey at least those are homemade :) .... with boxed cake. HAH. Disclaimer: I don't eat the way that I will be eating tomorrow everyday. For a more detailed account of what I eat add me on MFP (username xxAmie)